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Whiskey Foxtrot is a Battleborn of the Rogues faction.


I know he was introduced to me as one of the early groups of “Mike” clones, but there is something really – I think “off” is the word I’m looking for here – with Whiskey Foxtrot. The only item that I’ve been able to find out about him is a number that keeps coming up in the system: RDC-WF02-1221. I suspect that he has ties to some off-shoot Peacekeeper unit, but all of Whiskey’s gear seems cobbled together, scavenged or, in some cases, reverse engineered Peacekeeper tech.
Mellka, from a message to Ghalt.[1]



  • In the story mission The Void's Edge Whiskey Foxtrot reveals he is dating none other than Deande, which is more or less confirmed in his "Some Find Me Repulsive" lore excerpt.
    • Occasionally, after leveling, Whiskey Foxtrot will say he has piano lessons after the mission, stating the he "Values personal improvement."
  • Whiskey Foxtrot's love for cooking originated from a fan's headcanon, that both Whiskey Foxtrot's Voice Actor – Jim Foronda, and Gearbox Software's writer – Sam Winkler, loved so much that they decided to implement it in canon, even including it in Oscar Mike vs. the Battle School story operation.
  • Before Winter Update Whiskey had a specific character select screen animation where he is trying to fix his gun with no luck as it constantly falls apart.


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