The Varelsi are the primary enemy faction of Battleborn. They are the force responsible for the destruction of all the universe's stars, with the exception of Solus.


The Varelsi have never communicated with any being outside their species. For thousands of years they've darkened the stars of the universe.[1]

After staging a coup on his own government, the Jennerit commander, Lothar Rendain, has allied his people with the Varelsi in order to ensure Jennerit survival.


The Varelsi appear as inky shadow-like creatures with skull-like heads. Because of their alliance with Rendain, Jennerit Thralls often fight alongside them.


  • Skulk
  • Scaven
  • Scout
  • Marksman
  • Hunter
  • Berserker
  • Channeler
  • Veil Walker
  • Disruptor
  • Defiler
  • Warden



  • From a development standpoint, the Varelsi are the closest there is to a "pure evil" faction.[1]
  • The name "Varelsi" closely resembles the Swedish word "Varelse" which translates in English to "Creature." The term Varelse is also used in the Ender's Game series of books to describe true aliens. In the series Hierarchy of Foreignness, Varelse are considered sentient beings that are so foreign that no meaningful communication is possible.


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