• Taryn12348

    Hello fellow readers, and welcome to a tutorial of how to get the image renders on the Battleborn Website.

    A requirement to do this is that your device must have the ability to view pages in their source form. For me, I right-click the page and click "View page source" on Chrome.

    Now that is over, Here is the tutorial!

    1) Open the page you want to get the images from

    2) When you are on the page, open up the source page.

    3) Scroll to where the image is located and open it up.

    4) Finally, Save the image to your device.

    BONUS) If you want to, you can upload the images up to your website of choice.


    Q: Can't you just right click the image?

    A: Some renders will not come up as "Image" but "Video", digging through the source version of that page would…

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