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    A couple of weeks ago, Wikia had the opportunity to take 2K Games' Battleborn, the frenetic team-based FPS that wears its MOBA influence square on its sleeve, for a spin. Now we're sharing a treasure trove of footage and information to get you good and excited for the upcoming closed technical test, which launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC on this Thursday, October 29th (to apply for the beta, register here). Keep reading to learn everything we know about the gametypes, heroes, and more.

    Set in the distant future after the universe's stars have been darkened by an unknown evil, the surviving population is at war over the last remaining resources in the galaxy. Divided into factions, the people look to their heroes, who do battle in their nam…

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  • Matt Hadick

    Today, 2K released the E3 2015 trailer for Battleborn! The video showcases the variety of Battleborn heroes, featuring high octane cutscenes and gameplay footage. Check it out below!

    2K also released information about each of the available Battleborn:

    • Montana: When he's not clotheslining bears for fun, Montana can be found on the battlefield, soaking up industrial-sized buckets of hurt and suppressing enemies with his fearsome minigun. A friend to everyone, Montana controls the Battlefield with sprays of ice or fire, and sometimes just a good old fashioned shoulder dash.
    • Oscar Mike: Cloned to fight in a war that ended years past, Oscar Mike now brings well-crafted modern combat instincts to the Solus War, with the effective, sure fire of earn…

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