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Toby is a Battleborn of the Rogues faction.


On his homeworld of Menneck-B, Toby quietly outfitted his burlier brethren with heavy-duty firepower of his own design. When his home system was claimed by the Varelsi, Toby – alongside fellow refugee Benedict – hoped to sign up for armed combat with the Peacekeepers and extract a little vengeance from the corpses of his enemies. Benedict was shown to the armory; Toby was shown to the door. Something inside Toby snapped. Why does someone like Benedict get all the respect while Toby does all the real work in the background? Why does Toby even need permission to fight?

Rather than arranging his arguments into a neatly-compiled bullet list in a letter to the chain of command – you know, his first instinct – Toby tried something different. He got angry. He cursed. A lot! And it felt pretty great!

If the Peacekeepers wouldn’t let him join – screw ‘em. He’d find someone who would. Now aligned with the Rogues, Toby’s a fearsome, badass brawler, dishing out hurt on the battlefield in “Berg”, his walking battletank. Not nearly as cute as he himself is.[1]



  • There is a story operation in which Toby's mech suit was stolen by ex-LLC Employee.
  • Toby will often apologise for killing his foes.
  • Orendi is having a big appreciation for Toby, as stated in her "Shifty Witching" lore log and Valentine's Day post on official Twitter page.[2]
  • Clifford Chapin, Toby's voice actor, is known for portraying a few Borderlands characters, such as the Lost Legion's Raum-Kampfjet Mark V.
  • Early idea of Toby was first incorporated with Kelvin, who was an alien inside the ice golem, as Toby's crashed space glider was lodged in Kelvin's body.[3]
  • In the end Toby emerged as a combination of two strong character pitches: one part came from a desire to do a kind of punk rock heavy mech suit, the other as a penguin in a globe, attached to a cyborg body who murdered people and danced in his globe.[4]
  • Toby makes a cameo appearance in the film, Ready Player One during the final battle on Planet Doom getting wiped out by the Catalyst.


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