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Toby, or in long terms Toby the Destroyer, is a penguin that possesses a mecha suit for combat, despite of his basic looks. He was newly announced at PSX as the 16th Battleborn.

Toby combines some classic mech and railgun gameplay elements to be one of the most powerful defenders. His primary attack is a charged railgun that lets players repel enemies at medium and long range. Additionally, he can zoom in to improve his long range targeting. His arc mines hover in place and damage nearby enemies, helping to control chokepoints and he can deploy an energy shield to protect himself and allies. If he shoots his railgun through the shield, the shots gain speed and damage boosts. His ultimate ability transforms his mech's engines to discharge a powerful heat beam that can vaporize his targets.

He is best paired with Reyna as she can mark targets for bonus damage and Toby can snipe them with a fully charged railgun. She can also apply an overshield as extra defense. A good tactic against Toby is to blind or slow him down with Crowd Control, then take him out with fast melee characters like Rath or Phoebe or a snipe from Marquis .   

How to unlock:

  • Rank Unlock: Command Rank 24
  • Challenge Unlock: Win 5 matches as a Rogue character.


Passed over as a Peacekeeper conscript for "being so cute", Toby turned his significant engineering genius to the Rogue faction, where he built a custom death-machine to wreak revenge on all who oppress him. Although somewhat apologetic for his reign of destruction, Toby rides his mech battletank into the fray as one of the Rogue faction's best brawlers.

On his homeworld of Menneck-B, Toby quietly outfitted his burlier brethren with heavy-duty firepower of his own design. When his home system was claimed by the Varelsi, Toby – alongside fellow refugee Benedict – hoped to sign up for armed combat with the Peacekeepers and extract a little vengeance from the corpses of his enemies. Benedict was shown to the armory; Toby was shown to the door. Something inside Toby snapped. Why does someone like Benedict get all the respect while Toby does all the real work in the background? Why does Toby even need permission to fight?

Rather than arranging his arguments into a neatly-compiled bullet list in a letter to the chain of command – you know, his first instinct – Toby tried something different. He got angry. He cursed. A lot! And it felt pretty great!

If the Peacekeepers wouldn’t let him join – screw ‘em. He’d find someone who would. Now aligned with the Rogues, Toby’s a fearsome, badass brawler, dishing out hurt on the battlefield in “Berg”, his walking battletank. Not nearly as cute as he himself is.

Character StatsEdit

  • Role: Defender
  • Characteristics:
    • Adorable
    • Territorial
    • Advanced


  • Clifford Chapin, Toby's voice actor, is known for portraying a few Borderlands characters, such as the Lost Legion's Raum-Kampfjet Mark V (RK5). Outside of video games, he is known as the English voice actor for Conny Springer from Attack On Titan.
  • Toby will often apologise for killing his foes.
  • Toby will often exclaim after firing an Arc Mine; that it is a "cake" for the enemy team.


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