2K Battleborn OrendiVsThrall

Thralls are the shocktroops of the Jennerit Imperium, and one of the primary enemy types of Battleborn. Because of Rendain's alliance, Thralls often fight alongside Varelsi troops.

Thrall TypesEdit


  • Primal Thrall
  • Primal Thrall Bomber
  • Evolved Thrall
  • Thrall Gunner
  • Thrall Brute
  • Thrall Beastmaster
  • Thrall Bonecrusher
  • Thrall Enforcer
  • Thrall Jockey

Thrall Ascendent (Cut. Renamed Beastmaster)

Named ThrallsEdit

Warlord Nix

Jailer Hylis


Thrall Enforcer Captain Trox

Thrall Shift Supervisor Varl

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