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Thorn is an archer trying to maintain her Eldrid ideology while surviving in the new world. She’s one of the fastest moving and highest jumping characters we've got, and she uses a bow that can shoot cursed arrows to mow down bad guys. Her ultimate ability allows her to hurl a massive energy bomb that devastates enemies.

Thorn is available to play at the start of the game.


Teshka Elessamorn -- nicknamed "Thorn" for her short temper -- was the last aelfrin child of her home-world before it was darkened by the Varelsi. Thorn ranges the jungle-wilds of Ekkunar and beyond with her bow "Kreshek" and her battle-honed skill with advanced Eldrid 'magic.'

Character StatsEdit

  • Role: Attacker
  • Characteristics:
    • Agile
    • Sniper
    • Advanced
  • Health: 1130 (+65/level)
  • Health Regeneration: 7'/second' (standard Eldrid character)
  • Shield: 0 (standard Eldrid)
  • Shield Recharge Rate: 60/second (standard, if shield strength is used)
  • Shield Recharge Delay: 3 seconds (standard, if shield strength is used)

Trivia Edit

  • Thorn's official artwork shows her that she has four fingers on her left hand; however, in game, she normally has five.
  • Caitlin Glass, who voiced Thorn, provides additional characters, like Brittonia, from the Borderlands series.
  • Thorn is mentioned to have made a bookclub with Montana after The Void's Edge.
  • In concept art for Thorn, a black, doglike monster was shown behind Thorn. It used to be her original ultimate, but it appears that it was cut during development for unknown reasons.


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