The Renegade is the third episode of Battleborn's Story game mode.


Recruit a legendary warrior by helping him get a much-needed recharge!

In hopes of recruiting the Jennerit Gladiator and former prisoner Caldarius, you set out to defend him while he recharges his suit. His Jailer's are after him, and so you must defend a series of power stations from thralls to recharge Caldarius.


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  1. Activate and Defend the Power Relay (Bugs and thralls attack from cliffs)
  2. Activate and Defend the Backup Power SubStation to reroute power to Caldarius (Thralls)
  3. Activate and Defend Caldarius as he finishes recharging (Thralls)
  4. Defeat Jailer Hylix and his thrall mercs that shield him.


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Common EnemiesEdit



For team composition, a healer and a tank are recommended. Otherwise, close quarters and various choke points allow for any other Battleborn, preferably those with AOE. Good examples are Alani, Kelvin, Caldarius, Orendi, and Rath. It is important to remember to not stray to far from the team, or more specifically your healer/reviver.

You begin fighting thralls defending the path to the power relay. upon activating the relay, you will fight waves consisting of thralls as well as bugs that explode in close proximity. They have little health, but do alot of damage, so be sure to keep them off the core.

Next, you trudge along another thrall defended path to the backup power substation. After clearing the area of enemies, activate the turret buildables and activate the station. Defend the core from a few waves of thralls.

After you defend the power station, you must cross a heavily defended bridge. Clear the heavy enemies first if possible, and do not try to skip past them, for there are more defenses behind them. Clear the bridge, and pick a path into the complex Caldarius is charging in.

Build the turrets around Caldarius and activate the charging process. Waves of thralls will come from one of 2 landing pads, as well as from rooftop windows, and in some cases from the front entrance. Try to kill as many thralls in the several choke points the complex has.

After defeating all waves, Jailer Hylis will come to kill the now reactivated and charged Caldarius. He will be invulnerable while Thrall Mercs and Beast Masters carrying shield chargers defend him. Kill the Thralls to damage the Jailer, who can be knocked airborne and blinded. While he is under crowd control, deal damage to prevent more Thrall support granting him invulnerability. Once you have defeated him, you talk to Caldarius and complete the mission.




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