Jennerit Imperium
The Jennerit Imperium, or sometimes called the Jennerit Empire, is one of the main factions from Battleborn. It's motto is "Any Deed. Any Price."

Official DescriptionEdit

The mighty Jennerit Imperium once led the fight against the Varelsi, forging alliances with the other factions to save the stars from the void. But in a desperate turn to spare his people from the darkness, the warlord Lothar Rendain staged a coup to seize control of the Imperium, and aligned its destiny with that of the Varelsi. Though the Jennerit have lost much in their struggle, they remain one of the strongest military forces in Solus.

The Jennerit avoid standard gun-play weapons and are skilled (and arrogant) warriors who prefer close-combat. They use the dark energies of the universe to sustain the powers of their most worthy warriors. They are also capable of using tech that can manipulate the life energies of others. Each character has their own unique way of accomplishing this. 


The Jennerit denizens were born with the physical appearances of sleek body figures, angular features, pointy ears, long, skinny limbs and necks, and four fingers (the exceptions are Caldarius, who is Kemessian, and Beatrix, who has five fingers on each hand since she heavily modified her body).

Their faction is described as a dark and eerie empire, possessing a gothic and vampiric taste. It's main colors are red, black, and grey, fitting deeply for the barbarous tone of appearance.

Known BattlebornsEdit

Rendain Concept

Rendain Concept Art




  • The Jennerit Imperium is so far the only faction to have a noticed villain.
  • This faction is so far the only one to have a motto.
  • It is believed that Zer0 from Borderlands 2 and Tales From The Borderlands may be a Jennerit or an early form of Jennerit. Zer0 has four fingers, prefers melee combat, has a slim body frame, and a slightly gothic appearance.

 Developer Creation of the Jennerit

Rath design

According to an interview between 2K and and Randy Varnell , the game's Creative Director, the Jennerit were created to be the 'bad guys' - dark and sinister. They were designed to be agressive warriors, with close-quarters combat and lifestealing as their primary abilities. The original design started with gothic influences, mixed with more modern visuals from movies like "Tron" for the light and dark contrasts.  Rath, the first Jennerit character created was initially designed under the tagline "laser katana samurai vampire". As the faction developed, the studio's goal was to  portray the Jennerit as having a "Noble warrior code and high tech and life leeching goodness". Definitely not vampires.