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Mission OutlineEdit

Mission Algorithm

ISIC has seized control of Fort Ocoban – an old UPR mining colony on the ice moon of Bliss – where he plans to strike the killing blow against the cosmos, and free all sentient life from the cruel mockery they call existence. To do this, he’ll need Ocoban’s considerable energy reserves to process the Algorithm: a program that ISIC believes can crash the universe itself.


Possible drop from H3NCHM4NEdit

Possible drop from GeoffEdit

Possible drop from ISIC MagnusEdit

Character interactionsEdit


  • Kleese tells her he will take her technology if she dies, to which she replies not unless she kills him first.
  • She expresses dismay at not knowing Kleese was fired from Minion Robotics, to which he'll ask her if she got the memo.
  • She refers to ISIC as a stupid machine for thinking the world is just a simulation, to which he'll ask her where things like Eldrid "magic" come from; she'll express dismay at this.


  • Ghalt will ask Kleese if all AI Magnus are insane, to which he'll reply they are after they lost their connection to the main Magnus. Ghalt will then ask about Nova, to which Kleese will reply that the degree of insanity differs in each Magnus. Marquis will chime in that he's as insane as the rest of them.
  • El Dragón - Kleese will tell him to take down ISIC. El Dragón will also taunt ISIC Magnus by saying he's coming for the rogue AI, but ISIC claims he has no memory of El Dragón, nor ripping his arms off.