How to get a SHiFT CodeEdit

Check this List of all available SHiFT Codes.

Don't enter all codes listed! Save yourself the time and effort and check for valid codes (marked in green and stated with an Issue Date) because this list also contains expired codes (marked in red and stated as Expired).
Also see the HINTS below for easier use.

What is SHiFTEdit

SHiFT is an out-of-game reward system using a 25-character alphanumeric code that can be used to unlock limited time offers within the game for free. SHiFT Codes are distributed periodically through social media services. The codes often have a set expiry date, so there's only a temporary possibility to redeem these codes (mostly 2 weeks), though not all codes expire but those are the minority. The rewards from entering the codes are vary from a Loot Pack (varying quality) and sometimes even limited Skins.
Each SHiFT Code is limited to one time per user (except otherwise stated).

How to use SHiFTEdit

First, you need a SHiFT account. To create an account go to the SHiFT Homepage.

After account creation go ingame to the main menu screen. There select EXTRAS -> SHiFT.

For first time use you need to link your SHiFT account to the used platform (Steam, PSN, XBox Live). This can be done ingame through the SHiFT menu, or over at their site via the 'Associations' menu. Once linked you are able to enter your codes.

To enter a code hit the button at the bottom labeled SHiFT CODE. There you can enter the code. Note that each part is 5 characters each, so the whole code is 25 characters.


For easier use, simply COPY the whole code (with or without the hyphen, both work) and PASTE (Crtl+V) them ingame. Knowing this makes the whole process much easier and way more enjoyable, less effort for free stuff!

If a game error says "Unable to paste code" check your copied code by pasting it into a simple text editor, chat, etc and check if the code is exactly 29 characters long (25 characters without hyphen).
Sometimes you copy an additional space at the end, making the whole code one character too long and thus invalid!

As an example, codes are given out like this and can be copy-pasted as a whole:

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