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Reyna is a Battleborn of the Rogues faction.


While the rest of the Battleborn are refugees from snuffed-out galaxies, Reyna Valeria (known under the alias "the Valkyrie") is a native-born to the Solus system. She has tirelessly fought for the survival and freedom of her people. Beyond that, Reyna is also a mentor to many of the rogues – especially Orendi, feeling personally responsible for Orendi specifically after saving her from the LLC.[1]

Reyna is a born leader, a nomad and a certified badass, the closest thing to a commander The Rogues has to offer, rallying the eccentric troops through sheer charisma. She comes armed with a pistol as well as the Command Glove, which lets her shoot a slow-moving projectile that can knock out enemy shields.



  • Reyna has a massive capital ship called "the Fortune’s Favor", which serves her as the head of the Rogue fleet, when it needs one. Formerly it was dreadaught of the UPR fleet, this ship has been repaired and retrofitted and often lurks in the dark corners of the Ring.[2]
  • Reyna's Shield Booster was formerly called "Overwatch".
  • Photonic Ward used to be the Nick Of Time ability, allowing Reyna to warp to allies.
  • Reyna's involvement with Orendi's escape is hinted in Orendi's lore challenge "The Eyes Have You", where Orendi steals an Arcship from the LLC and flees to the Detritus Ring.
  • In both Reyna's lore challenge "Make It Reyna" and Whiskey Foxtrot's lore challenge "Mike, Check", Reyna has helped Whiskey Foxtrot escaped UPR 25 years ago and has been with the Rogues since, stating: "Followed a lot of folks in my time, but I'd follow her right into a darkened star if she said jump."
  • The voice actress of Reyna, Kenneisha Thompson, previously voiced Aurelia Hammerlock from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel game.
  • Reyna's lore challenge "Make It Reyna" has a reference to a popular Battleborn Community member MentalMars, as a person with nickname "mentalmarmot".


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