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Lore ChallengesEdit

Now I Got Their Back Use Plasma Pulse to drain 150 enemies’ shields.
Make It Reyna Absorb 25,00 damage with Photonic Ward.
The Signal Grant an Overshield to 100 allies.
The Best Defense Kill 100 enemies with Laser Pistol.
A Marked Improvement To Battle Enemies marked by Priority Target take a total of 30,000 damage.



Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Reyna" challenge which rewards player with "Corsair" skin and "Master of Reyna" title.


Now I Got THEIR Back

(Excerpt from transcoded messaging session between UPR Captain Trevor Ghalt and Rogue faction leader Reyna Valeria, a.k.a. “The Valkyrie”.)

>>[upr.tghalt]: I like a good chase just as much as the next guy, Ms. Valeria, but I'm going to need you to return that UPR Cruiser that you stole. It was carrying critical supplies for the people of Bliss, and I've been issued a signed warrant for your arrest.

~[RogueCommander521]: Critical supplies? Do you mean these crates full of pink blankets and wrestling holo-vids? Trevor, please. I think your men can find something else to warm them up.

~[RogueCommander521]: If YOU need warming, though, you know you hardly need an arrest warrant for that.

>[upr.tghalt]: Those are necessary supplies, Ms. Valeria.

>[upr.tghalt]: They're also UPR property, and this isn't the first time you've borrowed from us.

>[upr.tghalt]: We may be charitable, but the UPR is NOT a charity.

~[RogueCommander521]: Actually, you know what, I take back what I said. I just loaded up one of these holo-vids and I gotta say, this “El Dragón” guy is actually pretty entertaining.

>[upr.tghalt]: Fine, we'll do it your way. What's your favorite color handcuff? We'll be there shortly.

~[RogueCommander521]: Yeah, I see your search party right here on my screen, Ghalt. I don't want to tell you how to do your job, but it would probably help if you were on the right side of the star.

~[RogueCommander521]: But as far as handcuffs go, my favorite color is velvet. Be sure to bring two pairs.

>[upr.tghalt]: Reyna, seriously. Enough games. We need those blankets. Even if they ARE pink.

>[upr.tghalt]: Also, wave. I'm watching you through surveillance right now. “Fortune's Favor”, huh? Interesting name for a flagship, if that's what the floating antique you captain is.

~[RogueCommander521]: Can't talk, way too busy watching this idiot clothesline robots.

>[upr.tghalt]: C'mon, Reyna. Let's do this peacefully. I'd hate to mess up your hair.

~[RogueCommander521]: Yeah, you do send the HUGGIEST of security bots, don't you?

~[RogueCommander521]: If you want my attention so badly, come find me yourself next time. We could cuddle up and drink some caffe as we watch the sunset. If you're lucky, I might even LET you mess up my hair. I just stumbled across the most ADORABLE pink blankets...

Make It Reyna
(Excerpt from a thread titled “who is the Valkyrie?????”, found on the Free Solus Forums.)

- firecat3 - 2 days ago
Another Valkyrie sighting. Thought she stayed in the Detritus Ring with her peeps? Got some footage I'll post later that puts her on Tempest.

- byebyestar - 2 days ago
what she doing at Rendain's house? Knockin' on teh door lolz

- mentalmarmot - 2 days ago
I've seen her there several times on the stations I monitor. Something big is going down, I'm guessing. I hear she likes to fight for lost causes.

- LLC4EVA - 1 day ago

- spacetroll - 1 day ago
ffs, these bots, we need more mods

- firecat3 - 1 day ago
@mentalmarmot: Lost causes?

- wtf1221 - 5h ago
How do you think she earned that nickname, “Valkyrie”? She's got this thing for swooping into desperate situations and sorting out “lost soul” types. I was caught in a raid on one of the abandoned UPR bases on Ekkunar, got pinned down by Woodsworn rangers, arrows everywhere, thought I was dead.

Then, there's this bright light – a shield all around me – and the Valkyrie's voice yelling in my comms. “Up and at 'em! Get moving! I'll cover you!” She started lighting up targets in the night, and we put fire right on those damned Eldrid. We took 'em all down in minutes.

Yeah, she took a cut of the goods, but I don't care. Angel, demon, rogue... whatever. She pulled my cloned ass out of the fire on Ekkunar. Followed a lot of folks in my time, but I'd follow her right into a darkened star if she said jump.

- otcwspftw - 2h ago
roast the space elves! vids or didn't happen!! j/k ROOOOGUES!

The Signal

SOURCE: DETRITUS RING, 34352.688 (incomplete_trace), 00952.234

To all free people of Solus – this is Reyna Valeria, and this signal's for the lost. The tired. The pissed.

You've been pushed around your whole life by people who say they know what's best for you. For all of us. And while the Varelsi sweep through system after system, you're still doing what they say. Playing by their rules, following their mandates, executing their plans. And now you're in Solus. And you're thinking, maybe this isn't working. Maybe I'm tired of taking orders from idiots who have no friggin' clue what they're doing. Maybe there's some other way.

I'm here to tell you: there is.

Join us in the Detritus Ring. We got ships. We got resources. We got guns – lots and lots of guns. We even have beer! We make it ourselves, and it's awful, but it does the trick. What we don't got is a flag. Or commanders, or warlords, or laws, or precepts. We fight for ourselves. We fight for each other. All the joys of living on the edge of extinction, minus all the bullcrap.

Yeah, we're probably gonna die. Can't save you from that. But if you die with us, you'll die free. On your own terms, and for your own cause. And if you're as fed the hell up as we are, I bet that sounds pretty damn good right now!

Fly with us! Join the Rogues!

The Best Defense

// TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS – “Commander's Slazer”
// Modified UPR Officer Sidearm

Caliber: 9mm BAP (ballistically-activated plasma)

Capacity: 12 rounds

Trigger Pull: 2.35 st.

Weight (fully charged): 2.8 st.

Weight (empty charge): 2.72 st.

Fire Modes: Single-fire, full-auto (on hold)

Technician's Notes: Rechambered for 9mm BAP (which we have tons of) and stripped out most of the redundant internal systems; should result in a faster rate of fire than the standard UPR model. The only thing to watch out for is an occasional hitch in the reload mechanism. While holding the gun on its side should (in theory) guarantee a smooth reload, I'd advise against firing the weapon in this position, as it will greatly reduce accuracy.

Additional Note: Well, except maybe for you, Commander Valeria. Fire it any way that suits you.

A Marked Improvement to Battle

(Note found in a discarded shipping tetra, after a UPR raid of a suspected criminal base on chunk Potsticker VII within the Detritus Ring.)

Lorrian –

Gonna need some augmentations to this glove.

The anti-shield pulse is working great in battle, but I'm having some trouble with its tracking. Could you make an adaptation that lets me move the shield with me? Most spider sentries can do this, so if you could take care of that. Thanks.

Also, how's progress on the reactive overshield coming? Got those augs up? Reflective shields would be great, but I think I'd get more use out of a reactive shield that could drain tagged opponent shields when they're in close quarters. Been fighting a lot alongside Toby lately, and that little maniac gets frustrated when Berg doesn't draw blood on first contact.

- Valkyrie