Failsafe icon

When Reyna places a Shield Booster overshield on an ally, she receives one as well.

Skill 1

Shield Booster

Shield booster icon

Applies an overshield to target ally that blocks up to 225 damage over the next 8 seconds. While applied, Plasma Pulse can charge the target's shield.
Default Cooldown: 14s


Laser Pistol

Laser pistol icon

Reyna's primary attack utilizes her lethal Laser Pistol to deal damage to her enemies.

Skill 2

Priority Target

Priority target icon

Fires a homing blast that deals 54 damage (+50% bonus to shields) and reveals the target's position. The target takes 116% incoming damage for 6 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 12s


Plasma Pulse

Plasma pulse icon

Reyna's secondary attack launches shield-melting Plasma Pulses from her command gauntlet, dealing 50% bonus damage to shields.


Photonic Ward

Photonic ward icon

Deploys a large energy dome that immediately pushes enemies out of the area and continues to block enemy fire from entering or exiting for 6 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 45s

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