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Known as "the Valkyrie", Reyna Valeria is one of the few Battleborn native to the Solus system, and the ad-hoc leader of the Rogues. Reyna uses her command glove to shield her allies from danger and mark targets for swift retribution.[x]

Role: Range:
Support Middle

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Reyna is a Battleborn of the Rogue faction.


Reyna is a born leader, a nomad and a certified badass. She uses her modified command gauntlet to direct even the most rag tag force into a nearly unstoppable team, shielding them from harm and focusing fire on troublesome enemies.

While the rest of the Battleborn are refugees from snuffed-out galaxies, Reyna Valeria (known under the alias "the Valkyrie") is a native-born to the Solus system. She has tirelessly fought for the survival and freedom of her people. Beyond that, Reyna is also a mentor to many of the rogues – especially Orendi, feeling personally responsible for Orendi specifically after saving her from the LLC.

Reyna is the closest thing to a commander The Rogues has to offer, rallying the eccentric troops through sheer charisma. She comes armed with a pistol as well as the Command Glove, which lets her shoot a slow-moving projectile that can knock out enemy shields.


Known as "the Valkyrie", Reyna Valeria is one of the few Battleborn native to the Solus system, and the ad-hoc leader of the Rogues. Reyna uses her command glove to shield her allies from danger and mark targets for swift retribution.



Meet Reyna

Official Website - Reyna

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Failsafe icon

When Reyna places a Shield Booster overshield on an ally, she receives one as well.

Skill 1

Shield Booster

Shield booster icon

Applies an overshield to target ally that blocks up to 225 damage over the next 8 seconds. While applied, Plasma Pulse can charge the target's shield.
Default Cooldown: 14s


Laser Pistol

Laser pistol icon

Reyna's primary attack utilizes her lethal Laser Pistol to deal damage to her enemies.

Skill 2

Priority Target

Priority target icon

Fires a homing blast that deals 54 damage (+50% bonus to shields) and reveals the target's position. The target takes 116% incoming damage for 6 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 12s


Plasma Pulse

Plasma pulse icon

Reyna's secondary attack launches shield-melting Plasma Pulses from her command gauntlet, dealing 50% bonus damage to shields.


Photonic Ward

Photonic ward icon

Deploys a large energy dome that immediately pushes enemies out of the area and continues to block enemy fire from entering or exiting for 6 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 45s

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Electrostatic Induction Level 1 Waste Reduction
While under the effects of Shield Booster, allies receive a constant, passive shield recharge bonus. +15 Shield Recharge Per Second Increases the speed and range of Priority Target's homing blast. If Priority Target fails to mark a target, half the cooldown is refunded. +67% Speed and Range
Priority Plasma Level 2 Lockdown
Plasma Pulse shots home in on enemies marked with Priority Target. Reyna's Laser Pistol and Plasma Pulse briefly slow enemies marked with Priority Target. +3 Seconds Slow Duration
Plasma Burst Level 3 Optical Amplifier
Plasma Pulse fire explodes on impact, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Increases Laser Pistol damage. +18% Laser Pistol Damage
Vital Protocol Level 4 Vengeance Protocol
When a Shield Booster overshield is applied, it instantly restores a portion of the wearer's health. +350 Health When a Shield Booster overshield is applied, it explodes, damaging nearby enemies. +280 Damage
Improvised Tactics Level 5 Thermal Equilbrium
While Failsafe is active, all of Reyna’s active cooldowns are reduced. -15% Cooldown Time for All Skills Prevents Reyna’s Plasma Pulse from overheating while Failsafe is active.
Vigilance Level 6 First Strike
Increases the amount of damage absorbed by a Shield Booster overshield before it breaks. +113 Overshield Increases initial impact damage of Priority Target. +107 Damage
Shield Sapper Level 7 Pulse Pounder
When Plasma Pulse damages an enemy’s shield, a portion of that damage is restored to Reyna’s shield. Does not function while Reyna’s shield is down. +20% Shield Stea Increases Plasma Pulse base damage. +18% Damage
Most Wanted Level 8 Dogpiler
Increases the duration of Priority Target’s debuff effects. +4 Seconds Duration Increases extra damage suffered by enemies marked by Priority Target. +16% Extra Damage
Long Watch Level 9 Kinetic Deflection
Increases Shield Booster overshield duration. +6 Seconds Duration A portion of the damage absorbed by a Shield Booster overshield is reflected back at the attacker. +15% Damage Reflection
Blunderdome Level 10 Mobility Module
Disables the shields of all enemies within Photonic Ward’s area of effect Increases the duration of Photonic Ward and causes the shield to follow Reyna as she moves. +4 Seconds Duration

Advanced Helix:

  • Additional Helix options that can be unlocked by leveling the respective character rank.
  • A third option added to a pre-defined Helix choice.
  • Maximum of 1 additional helix choice for each character Helix level
  • They first show up ingame after they are unlocked for the individual character.
  • 5 additional helix choices per character
  • Ingame selection via:
    • F (PC)
    • Y (Xbox Controller)
    • Triangle (PS4)
Character Rank 5? Level 3 Slazer Thermokinetics
Requires character rank 5 to unlock = 250 total XP Increases the damage dealt by Laser Pistol based on the heat level of Plasma Pulse. Up to +50% Laser Pistol Damage
Character Rank 7? Level 4 The Best Defense
Requires character rank 7 to unlock = 470? total XP Each Shield Booster overshield increases all damage dealt by the wearer until it expires or breaks. +16% Damage Amplification
Character Rank 3 Level 6 Therapeutic Booster
Requires character rank 3 to unlock = 105 total XP Shield Booster removes all debuffs from the wearer when applied.
Character Rank 9 Level 8 Calling the Shots
Requires character rank 9 to unlock = 775 total XP

If an enemy marked by Priority Target is killed, the skill's cooldown is immediately reset.

Character Rank 12 Level X Huddle Up
Requires character rank 12 to unlock = 1455 total XP Activating Photonic Ward grants a Shield Booster overshield top all nearby allies. +225 Overshield for 8 seconds

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For the Character Lore, see Character Lore.

Lore ChallengesEdit

Now I Got Their Back Use Plasma Pulse to drain 150 enemies’ shields.
Make It Reyna Absorb 25,00 damage with Photonic Ward.
The Signal Grant an Overshield to 100 allies.
The Best Defense Kill 100 enemies with Laser Pistol.
A Marked Improvement To Battle Enemies marked by Priority Target take a total of 30,000 damage.



Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Reyna" challenge which rewards player with "Corsair" skin and "Master of Reyna" title.


Now I Got THEIR Back

(Excerpt from transcoded messaging session between UPR Captain Trevor Ghalt and Rogue faction leader Reyna Valeria, a.k.a. “The Valkyrie”.)

>>[upr.tghalt]: I like a good chase just as much as the next guy, Ms. Valeria, but I'm going to need you to return that UPR Cruiser that you stole. It was carrying critical supplies for the people of Bliss, and I've been issued a signed warrant for your arrest.

~[RogueCommander521]: Critical supplies? Do you mean these crates full of pink blankets and wrestling holo-vids? Trevor, please. I think your men can find something else to warm them up.

~[RogueCommander521]: If YOU need warming, though, you know you hardly need an arrest warrant for that.

>[upr.tghalt]: Those are necessary supplies, Ms. Valeria.

>[upr.tghalt]: They're also UPR property, and this isn't the first time you've borrowed from us.

>[upr.tghalt]: We may be charitable, but the UPR is NOT a charity.

~[RogueCommander521]: Actually, you know what, I take back what I said. I just loaded up one of these holo-vids and I gotta say, this “El Dragón” guy is actually pretty entertaining.

>[upr.tghalt]: Fine, we'll do it your way. What's your favorite color handcuff? We'll be there shortly.

~[RogueCommander521]: Yeah, I see your search party right here on my screen, Ghalt. I don't want to tell you how to do your job, but it would probably help if you were on the right side of the star.

~[RogueCommander521]: But as far as handcuffs go, my favorite color is velvet. Be sure to bring two pairs.

>[upr.tghalt]: Reyna, seriously. Enough games. We need those blankets. Even if they ARE pink.

>[upr.tghalt]: Also, wave. I'm watching you through surveillance right now. “Fortune's Favor”, huh? Interesting name for a flagship, if that's what the floating antique you captain is.

~[RogueCommander521]: Can't talk, way too busy watching this idiot clothesline robots.

>[upr.tghalt]: C'mon, Reyna. Let's do this peacefully. I'd hate to mess up your hair.

~[RogueCommander521]: Yeah, you do send the HUGGIEST of security bots, don't you?

~[RogueCommander521]: If you want my attention so badly, come find me yourself next time. We could cuddle up and drink some caffe as we watch the sunset. If you're lucky, I might even LET you mess up my hair. I just stumbled across the most ADORABLE pink blankets...

Make It Reyna
(Excerpt from a thread titled “who is the Valkyrie?????”, found on the Free Solus Forums.)

- firecat3 - 2 days ago
Another Valkyrie sighting. Thought she stayed in the Detritus Ring with her peeps? Got some footage I'll post later that puts her on Tempest.

- byebyestar - 2 days ago
what she doing at Rendain's house? Knockin' on teh door lolz

- mentalmarmot - 2 days ago
I've seen her there several times on the stations I monitor. Something big is going down, I'm guessing. I hear she likes to fight for lost causes.

- LLC4EVA - 1 day ago

- spacetroll - 1 day ago
ffs, these bots, we need more mods

- firecat3 - 1 day ago
@mentalmarmot: Lost causes?

- wtf1221 - 5h ago
How do you think she earned that nickname, “Valkyrie”? She's got this thing for swooping into desperate situations and sorting out “lost soul” types. I was caught in a raid on one of the abandoned UPR bases on Ekkunar, got pinned down by Woodsworn rangers, arrows everywhere, thought I was dead.

Then, there's this bright light – a shield all around me – and the Valkyrie's voice yelling in my comms. “Up and at 'em! Get moving! I'll cover you!” She started lighting up targets in the night, and we put fire right on those damned Eldrid. We took 'em all down in minutes.

Yeah, she took a cut of the goods, but I don't care. Angel, demon, rogue... whatever. She pulled my cloned ass out of the fire on Ekkunar. Followed a lot of folks in my time, but I'd follow her right into a darkened star if she said jump.

- otcwspftw - 2h ago
roast the space elves! vids or didn't happen!! j/k ROOOOGUES!

The Signal

SOURCE: DETRITUS RING, 34352.688 (incomplete_trace), 00952.234

To all free people of Solus – this is Reyna Valeria, and this signal's for the lost. The tired. The pissed.

You've been pushed around your whole life by people who say they know what's best for you. For all of us. And while the Varelsi sweep through system after system, you're still doing what they say. Playing by their rules, following their mandates, executing their plans. And now you're in Solus. And you're thinking, maybe this isn't working. Maybe I'm tired of taking orders from idiots who have no friggin' clue what they're doing. Maybe there's some other way.

I'm here to tell you: there is.

Join us in the Detritus Ring. We got ships. We got resources. We got guns – lots and lots of guns. We even have beer! We make it ourselves, and it's awful, but it does the trick. What we don't got is a flag. Or commanders, or warlords, or laws, or precepts. We fight for ourselves. We fight for each other. All the joys of living on the edge of extinction, minus all the bullcrap.

Yeah, we're probably gonna die. Can't save you from that. But if you die with us, you'll die free. On your own terms, and for your own cause. And if you're as fed the hell up as we are, I bet that sounds pretty damn good right now!

Fly with us! Join the Rogues!

The Best Defense

// TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS – “Commander's Slazer”
// Modified UPR Officer Sidearm

Caliber: 9mm BAP (ballistically-activated plasma)

Capacity: 12 rounds

Trigger Pull: 2.35 st.

Weight (fully charged): 2.8 st.

Weight (empty charge): 2.72 st.

Fire Modes: Single-fire, full-auto (on hold)

Technician's Notes: Rechambered for 9mm BAP (which we have tons of) and stripped out most of the redundant internal systems; should result in a faster rate of fire than the standard UPR model. The only thing to watch out for is an occasional hitch in the reload mechanism. While holding the gun on its side should (in theory) guarantee a smooth reload, I'd advise against firing the weapon in this position, as it will greatly reduce accuracy.

Additional Note: Well, except maybe for you, Commander Valeria. Fire it any way that suits you.

A Marked Improvement to Battle

(Note found in a discarded shipping tetra, after a UPR raid of a suspected criminal base on chunk Potsticker VII within the Detritus Ring.)

Lorrian –

Gonna need some augmentations to this glove.

The anti-shield pulse is working great in battle, but I'm having some trouble with its tracking. Could you make an adaptation that lets me move the shield with me? Most spider sentries can do this, so if you could take care of that. Thanks.

Also, how's progress on the reactive overshield coming? Got those augs up? Reflective shields would be great, but I think I'd get more use out of a reactive shield that could drain tagged opponent shields when they're in close quarters. Been fighting a lot alongside Toby lately, and that little maniac gets frustrated when Berg doesn't draw blood on first contact.

- Valkyrie

Render Reyna

Reyna is primarily set-up as a supporting unit. As such this guide will help show you how to make the most out of Reyna to best support your team while still maximizing Reyna's firepower.

This strategy guide was created to help players determine the best Gear and Helix choices for this Hero based on Game Mode type and Role. All information should be viewed as tips on how to use the Hero; different situations and play-style may require/prefer different builds that are not specifically covered.




Laser pistol icon Laser Pistol:
Reyna's primary attack utilizes her lethal laser pistol to deal damage to her enemies.

  • Use via right trigger


Plasma pulse icon Plasma Pulse
Reyna's secondary attack launches shield-melting plasma pulses from her command gauntlet, dealing 50% bonus damage to shields.

  • Use via left trigger

Abilities Edit

Shield booster icon Shield Booster
Applies an overshield to target ally that blocks up to X damage over the next 8 seconds. During the time, Reyna's Plasma Pulse can charge the target's shield.

  • Primary reason to play Reyna.
  • Try to use as often as possible, especially if near allies.
  • Best to maximize Shield Booster upgrades to provide defense/support over offense boosts

Priority target icon Priority Target:
Fire a homing blast that deals X damage (+50% bonus to shields) and reveals the target's position. The target takes X% incoming damage for 6 seconds.

  • Lead all attacks with this ability.

Photonic ward iconPhotonic Ward (ultimate):
Ultimate - Deploy a large energy dome that immediately knocks enemies out of the area, and continues to block enemy fire from entering or exiting for 6 seconds.

  • Can be used as a vanguard defense as it can push back enemies and allies bullets go out while enemy bullets to do not come in

Failsafe icon Failsafe
Passive - When Reyna places a Shield Booster overshield on an ally, she receives one as well.

  • Important to note that all upgrades/boosts provided to/by Shield Booster are also given to Reyna.
    • This includes Health/Shield heals, Shield Regen boosts, and damage.

Strategy Edit

Whenever an ally is nearby always apply your Shield Booster to them. Do this before entering into a firefight, if you are weakened while in a fight, if someone is running away from or to a fight, or just anytime you see an ally really.This ability is your main focus; it is the reason to play Reyna and it is the main source of your support, so try to focus on using it as much as possible in-game. When using it, your order of priority should be: the player engaged in combat > the player with the lowest health > anyone else

When not supporting, Reyna's main source of fighting ability comes from Priority Target. When entering a fight, always lead with Priority Target whenever available. Once marked follow up with Plasma Pulse (left trigger) until it overheats and/or the enemy's shield has been disabled, then switch to Laser Pistol (right trigger). Switch between these two attacks throughout a fight for best results. After a few fights/games find a rhythm that works best for you and go with that.


Gear with reduced cooldown times is a must have as it will help you keep targets marked and teammates/yourself shielded.

Skill Cooldown >> Attack boost; Health/Shield boost; Faster Reload > Other Gear


PVP/PVE use the same builds for Reyna. Edit

Reyna ought to be built as a shield boosting supporter, first and foremost. This means almost always choosing an upgrade to Shield Booster over anything else. At higher levels, when the game has progressed and your ability to support is near max, is when the player should begin to focus a little more on attack. Edit

Level 1: Electrostatic Induction (Left). No contest, this is what you need. Reyna is for support, always go with Electrostatic Induction.

Level 2: Priority Targeting (Left). While Lockdown is tempting when providing support but don't be fooled, Priority Targeting is significantly more useful in any situation and long-game. In battle the slow moving Plasma Pulse can be difficult to hit targets consistently. This is even more true with targets that are running away or very mobile; Priority Targeting takes away this trouble, allowing you to land more hits to take out enemies and drop shields faster and more easily.

Level 3: Player's Choice (Play-style dependent). Both Plasma Burst and Optical Amplifier are equally good choices but depend on a person's preferred play-style. If you plan to fight more players or focus on signal targets choose Optical Amplifier for the pistol. If you want to damage groups of minions for area control go with Plasma Burst. Keep in mind that Plasma Burst can get a damage boost later on at Level 7 with Pulse Pounder.

Level 4: Vital Protocol (Left). You have no choice in this matter, pick Vital Protocol. Reyna is a supporter and being able to heal and shield is a life saver. Also, thanks to Failsafe, the healing effect is applied to Reyna as well.

Level 5: Improvised Tactics (Left). Depending on your ability to keep up the Shield Booster's Overshield Thermal Equilibrium may be more useful, but for most players the cooldown provided by Improvised Tactics will be more beneficial for more situations.

Level 6: Player's Choice (Play-style dependent). Both Vigilance and First Strike are good choices. The choice largely depends on how the game is going and how well the player is supporting. If you need more firepower and are already providing enough support go with First Strike. If you want to provide more support go with Vigilance. Again, this is a largely situational and personal decision which ability is more necessary.

Level 7: Pulse Pounder (Right). At this point you will be using the Plasma Pulse a lot to provide most of Reyna's firepower. The boost from Shield Sapper is relatively negligible in almost all combat situations as you will lose your shield faster than most of the "sapping" can boost you. Go for the quick kill and get out, if you really need a shield find an ally and use Shield Booster.

Level 8: Most Wanted (Left). Having the Priority target last longer will be much better in any situation, especially with Priority Plasma and Pulse Pounder. Most Wanted + Priority Plasma + Pulse Pounder alone will make Reyna a fully capable combatant for any situation.

Level 9: Player's Choice (Situationaly dependent). If the Shield Booster Overshield typically only disappears due to the 8 second timer then go with Long Watch. However, if the Overshield is typically taken out due to overwhelming firepower, go with Kinetic Deflection.

Level 10: Player's Choice (Play-style dependent). If you prefer to activate your Photonic Ward in the middle of a firefight. at key enemy choke points, or act as a vanguard go with Blunderdome to make enemies more vulnerable for easier kills. If you prefer to provide support from the back, or protect your team as they push forward go with Mobility Module for a longer Ward and so it protects your team as you push forward.

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Taunts and Skins do not changes gameplay in any form and are strictly cosmetic.

Main article: Appearance




Story OperationsEdit



  • Scallywag skin was a previous reward for preordering Battleborn, along with Rath, Marquis, Montana, and Thorn's gold skins.
  • There is a small chance Marketplace skins and taunts can be found when opening a Magnus Loot Packs.


  • War Cry taunt is a reference to the Super Saiyan transformation from cult manga and anime series Dragon Ball, which has similar visual effects and gives to transformed person golden blonde hair with flame-like appearance.

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