Jennerit Imperium

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Brutal, efficient, and deeply devoted to the art of combat, Verod Rath once served as elite guard to the Jennerit Empress, Lenore. He utilizes three energy blades to devastate his foes in close-quarters engagements. Not a vampire, though he gets that a lot.[x]

Role: Range:
Attacker Melee

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Rath is a Jennerit swordsman who abandoned his post as a royal guard to join the front lines of battle. He carries two huge katanas (plus stores a big extra one on his back) and makes up for his lack of projectiles by being brutal in close combat. His ultimate ability lets him turn into a spinning circle of bladed death as he spins around and closes in on enemies to cut them down to size.

Rath is available to play at the start of the game.


Verod Rath is not a vampire, though he gets that a lot. Rath is a master bladesmith and swordsman of the Jennerit Empire, once a member of the Keepers of the Blade -- the elite guard of Empress Lenore. Rath is deeply focused on the art of battle, applying his three energy blades with lethal efficiency.

Character StatsEdit

The character stats describe the general attributes of a Battleborn.

  • Role: Attacker
  • Characteristics:
    • Agile
    • Assassin
    • Easy


  • Kleese writes FanFiction about Rath.
    • However it contradicts the fact that Rath is not a vampire.
  • Rath's voice portrayal, Christopher Sabat, is famous for portraying the voice role of Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Z series and Sledge from the original Borderlands game.
    • Sabat also voices Rundas from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Roronoa Zoro from One Piece - the latter of whom coincidentally another swordsman that wields 3 swords.


Official Website - Rath

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Genetic Syphon

Genetic syphon icon

When Rath damages an enemy's health, he steals health worth 8% of the damage from melee attacks and 10% of damage from skills.

Skill 1


Crossblade icon

Throws an energy blade forward a limited distance, dealing 200 damage.
Default Cooldown: 15s


Axiom and Praxis

Axiom and Order icon

Rath's primary melee attack can be chained multiple times for a quick combo, while his secondary sword sweep deals area of effect damage.

Skill 2

Catalytic Smash

Catalytic smash icon

Unleashes a shock wave, extending directly ahead of Rath, dealing 133 damage and knocking targets into the air.
Default Cooldown: 17s


Bladekeeper's Vestment

Bladekeepers vestment icon

Rath's ceremonial Jennerit armor is sturdy enough to absorb plenty of damage, but light enough to preserve his speed and mobility.



Dreadwind icon

After a brief wind-up, initiates a whirlwind attack lasting 4 seconds, dealing 83 damage per hit to enemies in range.
Default Cooldown: 75s

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Assassin Swordsman
Slowing Strike Level 1 Waveform Smash
Crossblade slows enemies on impact.

+3 seconds Slow Duration

Catalytic Smash's shockwave is shortened, but spreads out to the left and right.
Shield Syphon Level 2 Anger's Echo
When Crossblade damages an enemy's shield, Rath's shield recharges the amount of damage dealt. +100% Shield Steal When a Crossblade is destroyed, a new Crossblade will spawn, moving towards Rath dealing half the damage to enemies.
Terror From Above Level 3 Spin To Win
Allows Rath to double-jump. Rath's primary melee combo finishing spin fires twice at the end of the combo.
Crimson Fastness Level 4 Catalytic Flash
When Rath attacks with Catalytic Smash, he will leap forward before he smashes. Catalytic Smash silences enemies on impact.

+3 seconds Silence Duration

Skillful Syphoning Level 5 Not A Vampire
Genetic Syphon steals additional health when a skill deals damage to an enemy.

+20% Life Steal

Genetic Syphon steals additional health when attacking enemies with melee strikes.

+11% Life Steal

Brutal Blade Level 6 Catastrophic Smash
Increases Crossblade's base damage.

+15% Damage

Doubles the shockwave length of Catalytic Smash.
Evasive Maneuvers Level 7 To The Point
When Rath's shield is broken, movement speed is increased for a short time.

+30% Movement Speed for 6 seconds

Increases base damage of all melee strikes. +18% Damage
Energetic Projection Level 8 Quick Cross
Doubles the effective range of Crossblade. Reduces Crossblade's cooldown.

-20% Cooldown Time

Softened Target Level 9 Zealous Smash
Enemies hit by Catalytic Smash will take more damage from Crossblade for a short time. +25% Damage for 4 seconds Killing an enemy with Catalytic Smash reduces Dreadwind's cooldown.

-3 Seconds per Kill

Dreadheart Level 10 Desperate Assault
Grants a movement speed boost to Rath while Dreadwind is active.

+30% Movement Speed

Damage dealt by Dreadwind is increased while Rath's shield is broken.

+45% Damage when unshielded

Advanced Helix:Edit

  • Additional Helix options that can be unlocked by leveling the respective character rank.
  • A third option added to a pre-defined Helix choice.
  • Maximum of 1 additional helix choice for each character Helix level
  • They first show up ingame after they are unlocked for the individual character.
  • 5 additional helix choices per character
  • Ingame selection via:
    • F (PC)
    • Y (Xbox Controller)
    • Triangle (PS4)
Character Rank 3? Level 1 Concussive Smash
Requires character rank 3 to unlock = 105 total XP Catalytic Smash non longer produces a shockwave that knocks targets into the air, but stuns enemies on impact if they have recently been hit by Crossblade.
Character Rank 5? Level 2 Eviscerating Blade
Requires character rank 5 to unlock = 250 total XP A portion of damage dealt by Crossblade bypasses enemy shields. +60% Shield Penetration
Character Rank 7? Level 5 Swordsman's Salve
Requires character rank 7 to unlock = 470? total XP Greatly increases Genetic Syphon life-stealing properties for his melee attacks (+22%), but removes the effect from his skills.
Character Rank 9? Level 7 Spin to Slow
Requires character rank 9 to unlock = 775 total XP

Rath's primary melee combo finishing spin slows enemies. +1 Seconds Slow Duration

Character Rank 12? Level 10 Unstoppable Assault
Requires character rank 12 to unlock = 1455 total XP Dreadwind generates an overshield upon activation. +225 Overshield for 4 Seconds

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For the Character Lore, see Character Lore.

Lore ChallengesEdit

Betrayal, Betrayer Kill 500 Jennerit.
Sustained Across Time Deal 10,000 melee damage in a single match or mission, 5 times.
Render The Snake Headless Deal 2,000 damage to Rendain with Catalytic Smash.
Axiom, Praxis and Precept Hit 3 enemies with Crossblade, 100 times.
Thank You Letter Complete 3 matches while on the same team as Caldarius.



Render Rath

This strategy guide was created to help players determine the best Gear and Helix choices for this Hero based on Game Mode type and Role. Contributors are encouraged to share their knowledge so that others may benefit from it.





PVP BuildsEdit

PVE BuildsEdit

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Taunts and Skins do not changes gameplay in any form and are strictly cosmetic.

Main article: Appearance




Story OperationsEdit



  • There is a small chance Marketplace skins and taunts can be found when opening a Magnus Loot Packs.
  • Gold, Cold, and Old skin was a previous reward for preordering Battleborn, along with Reyna, Marquis, Montana, and Thorn's gold skins.
  • Art of Deception not only altered the model to reference Zer0 from Borderlands, but also has voice modifications to match the character's voice.


  • Art of Deception references another Gearbox Software game Borderlands, specifically Zer0, a playable Vault Hunter from the Assassin class.

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