True Strike


Phoebe swipes at enemies and activates her high-tech formal wear to propel herself in any direction.

Skill 1



After a brief charging period, Phoebe teleports to a target location, releasing the charge, dealing 134 damage to nearby enemies.
Default Cooldown: 23s


Five Virtues


Phoebe's primary attack chains multiple melee-range rapier strikes, while her secondary attack activates True Strike.

Skill 2

Blade Rush


Phoebe launches a barrage of four charged rapiers that pierce enemies, each dealing 34 damage.
Default Cooldown: 20s




Phoebe's high-tech formal wear and telekinetic rapiers can be augmented to substantially increase her survivability and lethality.


Blade Cascade


Conjures a storm of falling rapiers dealing 167 damage for 5 seconds to a large area.
Default Cooldown: 55s

Additional InfoEdit

Primary Attack

  • Her primary attack strikes for X (+X/level) damage
  • Has a fire rate of X strikes/second
  • Can be fired continually when holding the respective button down
  • 4 stab combo for an AoE strike
  • Controls
    • Left Mouse Button (PC)
    • RT (Xbox Controller)
    • R2 (PS4)

Secondary Attack

  • Her secondary attack swipes for X (+X/level) damage
  • Launches her into the direction of her swipe
  • Has a fire rate of X swipes/second
  • Can be fired continually when holding the respective button down
  • 1 hit (Can be upgraded to a 2-hit combo with Reprise/Blade Sweep Helix Upgrades)
  • Controls
    • Right Mouse Button (PC)
    • LT (Xbox Controller)
    • L2 (PS4)

Quick Melee
Phoebe punches a target in front of her.

  • Melee attack
  • Deals X (+X/level) damage
  • Knocks the target back a short distance
  • Has a maximum fire rate of X strikes/second
  • Can't be used continually when holding the respective button down (button has to be pressed repeatedly)
  • Controls
    • Middle Mouse Button (PC)
    • B (Xbox Controller)
    • O (PS4)


  • Phasegate is a long range blink
  • The cooldown of Phasegate is X seconds
  • The Helix upgrades on level 1, 2, 6, 8 affect Phasegate directly
  • Controls
    • Q (PC)
    • LB (Xbox Controller)
    • L1 (PS4)

Blade Rush

  • Blade Rush is a medium-ranged, volley projectile
  • Damage equals 50 (+2/level) per rapier; maximum damage at 200 (+8/level)
  • The cooldown of Blade Rush is X seconds
  • The Helix upgrades on level 1, 4, 6, 9 affect Blade Rush directly
  • Controls
    • E (PC)
    • RB (Xbox Controller)
    • R1 (PS4)

Blade Cascade

  • Blade Cascade is a point-blank, channeled AoE DoT
  • The ability is casted at Phoebe's current location and remains there (can be changed to follow her with Stormbringer Helix Upgrade)
  • Ultimate ability, that can be used first at level 5. Damage equals 280 (+45/level)
  • The cooldown of Blade Cascade is X seconds
  • The 10th Helix upgrade affects Blade Cascade
  • Controls
    • F (PC)
    • Y (Xbox Controller)
    • Triangle (PS4)

True Strike

  • The 5th Helix upgrade affects True Strike
  • Controls
    • Right Mouse Button (PC)
    • LT (Xbox Controller)
    • L2 (PS4)

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