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Oscar Mike is a loyal, hardened soldier who fights unquestioningly for the ideals of the Peacekeepers. He uses an assault rifle and grenades that should be familiar to any fan of first-person shooters, and his ultimate ability is to call in an Airstrike that can blow his foes to smithereens.

Oscar Mike is available to play at the start of the game.


A discarded clone soldier from a long-forgotten war, Oscar Mike is a capable front-line fighter, engaging enemies at range with his assault rifle, cloaking for quick exits from tight spots, and inspiring his allies with his... unconventional personality.[1]

Character StatsEdit

  • Role: Attacker
  • Characteristics:
    • Versatile
    • Pusher
    • Easy


  • Not only did Jim Foronda voice Oscar Mike, but he also voices ISIC from the Last Light Consortium.
  • Oscar Mike was the first character designed for the game. His design influenced the rest of the game's development.[2]
  • Oscar's helmet design seems to be based on "Space Knight" head customization for Axton from Borderlands 2 game.
  • Based on his Lore and quotes from Chronicle during The Archive, Oscar Mike has written multiple poems about spiders.


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