2K Battleborn Orendi Phoebe

This strategy guide was created to help players determine the best Gear and Helix choices for this Hero based on Game Mode type and Role. Contributors are encouraged to share their knowledge so that others may benefit from it.


Orendi is a squishy, yet mobile, high-damage AoE caster. Her agility and low HP define her playstyle as avoiding damage through mobilty: Stay on the move to avoid incoming damage. She mainly relies on her spells to be fully effective, so the in-and-out movements in combat should synchronize with her cooldowns. This also implies, that landing her spells is of utmost importance, making the ability to predict enemy movement absolutely neccesary.


Chaos Magic
Her basic attacks. Since her attacks come with no real drawback, it is advised to continually hold primary fire while in combat, unless the situation requires a quick retreat. Her secondary fire generally can be ignored, due to it having a noticably lower dps (~30%) and bearing more risk to miss. Exceptions may occur by build differences.

Her passive. This spell encourages putting the Shadowfire Pillar on cooldown and then reducing it with Nullify. This leads into chaining SFP>Nullify>SFP, and depending on how a build is structured this basic combo can be absolved pretty fluently.

Her mobility spell. Generally used as a disengage tool, further emphasized by the Cc effects on Helix level 2. As mentioned before, encourages being chained after SFP. The backwards dash allows to close in on enemies while beginning a combo to hit basic attacks and spells easier, and then building up distance as the combat pattern approaches its end. When facing melee opponents it is advised to be certain of being able to get away. Due to it holding noticably less damage than SFP and the utility and mobility being important parts of this spell's identity, "Rapid Deterioration" on Helix level 8 for a reduced cooldown is a wise choice.

Shadowfire Pillar
Her main damage source. Most of her Helix augments center around or affect SFP. Gnosis plays a big part in this. When deciding on a build, the player should think ahead and select his gear (especially eventual cdr) accordingly, to match the synergies with his choice on level 4 and 5, and also with his choices on level 9 and 10. This is, because Orendi in her vanilla state is already able to optimize her SFP>Nullify>SFP combo, but with a careful gear and Helix selection the combo can further be refined to fit the playstyle of the player. If the selection of cdr gear and Helix choices is done thoughtless, the player might happen to overcompensate on cdr when used in conjunction with her passive, effectively "wasting" cdr in the process.

Paradigm Shift
Her ultimate. Generally to be used as a nuke. The range and casting process suggest using this skill as a finishing move when your opponent tries to flee. All 3 Helix choices on level 10 transform this spell into one that benefits the user when used mid-combat. Depending on mentioned choice, it is advised to consider the choice made at level 4, as this affects 2 out of 3 of the options.


As for every character, Orendi's gear choices favor some stats over others. It is advised to see this part as a suggestion: Some may favor other stats depending on their playstyle.

Gear Stats

  • Exceptionally Good
    • Cooldown Reduction
    • Skill Damage
  • Situationally Good
    • Shield Recharge Rate (if using Oh That Reminds Me)
    • Maximum Shield Strength (if heavily focusing on short skirmishing)
  • Neutral (work on every character)
    • Health Regeneration
    • Damage Reduction
    • Maximum Health
    • Movement Speed
    • Healing Received
    • Buildable Cost
    • Bonus Shards
    • Shield Recharge Delay
    • CC Reduction
    • Sprint Speed
  • Suboptimal (her basic attack dps isn't really remarkable, compared to the rest of her kit)
    • Attack Damage
    • Attack Speed
    • Critical Hit Damage
  • Irrelevant (negatives can be used to make gear cheaper!)
    • Reload Speed
    • Recoil Reduction
    • Heal Power (Unless choosing Essence Theft)

Legendary Gear

Here some Legendary gear that greatly synergizes with the character:

  • Variable Morpher
    • +7,80% Skill Damage, +84 Maximum Shield Strength
    • Effect: If a full cast of Shadowfire Pillar deals no damage, the next pillar to hit deals 25% more damage.
    • As explained in the Lore section, this item should only be used if the player intends to not use Preamble of Pain.
  • Bola's Target Finder
    • +9,10% Skill Damage, +5,04% Attack Speed
    • Effect: Damaging Enemies with Skills increases damage dealt to them by 5,60% for 10 seconds.
    • Greatly synergizes with Preamble of Pain, as the first tic of the DoT applies the debuff, and the rest of the skill benefits from it.
  • Codex Fragment
    • +9,10% Skill Damage, +210 Maximum Health
    • Effect: Stack +0,91% Skill Damage when taking damage. Max 10 stacks.
    • Damage, defense, and more damage. Depending on playstyle ad preference, an alternative to Bola's Target Finder. The damage increase breaks even at ~6 stacks, so keep that in mind when choosing between the two.
  • Shield Web Interdictor
    • +9,10% Skill Damage, +10,50% Shield Penetration
    • Effect: Skill hits prevent enemy shields from recharging for 8 seconds.
    • The effect helps Orendi if she doesn't manage to kill enemies with her skill rotation, by keeping down their shields for 5 more seconds than usual. The stat combination also helps her dealing with forced shields (overshields).
  • Lorrian Skill Spike
    • +9,10% Skill Damage, +4,20% Movement Speed
    • Effect: Skills gain a 7% chance to deal 50% bonus damage.
    • If you're willing to bet on a skill critting for a chance of up to 7%, this item is for you.
  • Leechsteel Brooch
    • +14% Healing Received, +5,46% Skill Damage
    • Effect: Gain +5,60% Life Steal on damage dealt by skills.
    • Definitely a great option if you like survivability.
  • Voxis Core
    • +140 Maximum Shield Strength, +5,46% Skill Damage
    • Effect: Enemies near the target of skills take +15% of the damage dealt to the target.
    • Greatly synergizes with her AoE damage.
  • Veil Manipulator
    • +2,1 Shards per Second, +5,46% Skill Damage
    • Effect: Gain Health regenration per Second for shards on-hand, up to +4,20 at 1000 shards.
    • A shard generator with secondary Skill Damage and passive Health Regenration. The extra shards will help you build structures for those badly needed levels. Rush this item from game start and then rack up xp.

Helix BreakdownEdit

Level Chaos Mutators Restraint Advice
1 Fire Walk with Me Burned and Busted
200 damage over 5 seconds, 1 tick per second Shadowfire Pillar reveals all enemies around Orendi for 3 seconds. Unless your enemy has dangerous stealthers, always pick FWWM for free damage
2 Dismissed! I Hate your Pretty Eyes
Adds a push effect to Nullify Adds a blind effect to Nullify. Preference choice. Both work well.
3 Let's Bounce Mind Bullets Oh that Reminds Me
Nullify now moves Orendi in the direction she is moving. Chaos Bolts' secondary burst attack homes in on enemies in close range Activating Nullify prompts Orendi's shields to immediately begin recharging. LB for ease of use, MB for advantage in dynamic combat (jumping and strafing), OTRM for defense (good with Recharge gear)
4 Preamble of Pain Instant Gratification Encore

Shadowfire Pillar deals damage before detonation.

+180 Damage over 1.5 seconds, 2 ticks per second

Half damage, no delay

Without gear: 154-190 damage (level 1-10)

Cast Shadowfire Pillar a second time for half the damage.

Without gear: 154-190 damage (level 1-10)

Encore wins in versatility. POP is the better version of IG. Pick POP in synergy with Pillarstorm, and Encore with Variable Morpher and Prognosticombo.
5 Prognostication Renaissance Prognosticombo

-12 Seconds Shadowfire Pillar cooldown

-8 Seconds Shadowfire Pillar cooldown

-5 Seconds Paradigm Shift cooldown

-8 Seconds Shadowfire Pillar cooldown

-5s Nullify cooldown from Shadowfire Pillar

Prognostication when using no cdr. Renaissance for Pillarstorm builds. Prognosticombo for synergy with Encore (currently bugged; works despite exclusion).

6 Nihilism Shadowfury
+15% Nullify damage. +15% Shadowfire Pillar damage. Shadowfire Pillar has much more damage, utility and shorter cooldowns than Nullify. Pick Shadowfury.
7 Force of Will Essence Theft
+15% Skill Damage +20% Lifesteal from Skills Essence Theft when no healer is on your team and you intend to stay long. Force of Will when healing is available or you don't care.
8 Rapid Deterioration I Hate your Pretty Shields

-20% Nullify Cooldown Time

Without gear: 21s -> 16,8s

Nullify damage penetrates enemy shields.

+60% Shield Penetration

Nulllify has negligable damage. Pick Rapid Deterioration.
9 Shadowfire Storm Chaotic Reach Still Hating your Shields

-20% Shadowfire Pillar Cooldown Time

Without gear: 15s -> 12s

+25% Shadowfire Pillar cast distance Shadowfire Pillar damage penetrates enemy shields.

+60% Shield Penetration

Shadowfire Storm for quick combos.SHYS against teams with big shields or reshielding. Chaotic Reach if you don't want either.
10 Thought Rejection Pillarstorm Reign of Chaos
Enemies hit by Paradigm Shift are pushed back and blinded. Activating Paradigm Shift places a Shadowfire Pillar under each nearby enemy Battleborn in range. Activating Paradigm Shift instantly resets Shadowfire Pillar's cooldown. Pillarstorm absolutely overpowers in PvP damage. Reign of Chaos for extended combos. Don't pick Thought Rejection. Dead enemies can't fight you.


A Build is a combination of Helix and Gear, that aims to achieve a certain task through adjusting both components in conjunction, and min-maxing that relationship. Below, some specialized builds that feature one important twist each. Please do not add variations of those builds when they only differ in minor choices! There is a generalized Helix advice section to ease those decisions.

PvP Builds

Extended combosEdit

  • Goal: This build is mostly based on getting out as many Shadowfire Pillars as possible.
  • Requirements:
    • Key choices are Encore at level 4, Prognosticombo at level 5 and both cooldown augments at level 8 and 9, as well as Reign of Chaos at level 10.
    • Also one primary and two secondary cooldown stats. Recommended is the Sketchy Gambler's Greyhound, which combines both, activates when spamming skills (perfect!) and has a cost reducing negative that doesn't affect Orendi. For the second item, a Legendary or Epic gear is recommended
  • How it works: Start off by casting the first Shadowfire Pillar [SfP] and the associated Encore. Your SfP will now be on about 11 seconds cooldown. Use Nullify to reset the cooldown of SfP and cast it again. Nullify will now be on about 16 seconds cooldown, and the two SfPs will reduce that to 6 seconds. Now start channeling your ultimate, which takes about 2 seconds. Your SfP resets, and you can chain another set of pillars. Nullify now came off of cooldown, and you use it to reset SfP one last time. You now used a continuous 8-pillar combo.
  • Make sure to look out for: Pay attention to the order in which you activate your spells to not mess up your reset interactions. Chain SfP and Encore slowly, or the Encore Pillar will not make use of the Prognosticombo augment.


  • Goal: This build works around the Pillarstorm augment to provide significant teamfight bursts.
  • Requirements:
    • Key choices are Preamble of Pain at level 4, Renaissance at level 5, and Pillarstorm at level 10. Select Rapid Deterioration at level 8 and Shadowfury at level 6 for even more Pillarstorm support.
    • For gear, skill damage and cooldown reduction are recommended. Noteworthy gear is Bola's Target Finder for perfect synergy with the Preamble of Pain effect. Also Shard generators with either Heal Power or Reload Speed negatives, to accumulate levels faster.
  • How it works: Gain experience as fast as possible, to reach the critical levels 5 and 10. Your ultimate is your tool of choice, and it is of utmost importance to have it available as often as possible. Chain a normal Pillar into Paradigm Shift for near-guaranteed kills. When you see an enemy with his shield down and around 75% health, jump the gun and begin channeling your ultimate. Make sure to continue using Nullify as often as posssible after that, to reduce the cooldown of your ultimate with Renaissance as fast as you can. Once you purchased Bola's Target Finder (assuming you use it), prepare enemies by hitting them with some skill damage. 5,6% are a noticable damage boost when approaching high values. Once you have unlocked Pillarstorm, the Preamble of Pain effect will apply to the summoned pillars, applying the debuff without any extra work. After you reach level 10, look out for clumped enemies and channel your ultimate for easy multikills.
  • Make sure to look out for: Since you took Renaissance at level 5, your combo won't be as fluent as with other builds. You can compensate with one or two cooldown reduction items.

Shield PenetrationEdit

  • Goal: This build ignores enemies' shields. Great when dealing with large shields, re-shielders (Reyna or Kleese) and overshields in general (great for destroying Shepard bots that save themselves with their overshields).
  • Requirements:
    • Key choice is Still Hating your Shields at level 9. With its negligible damage, Nullify will barely do damage anyways, so the cooldown reduction will be much more useful than I Hate your Pretty Shields.
    • For gear, it is recommended to use Trickster's Rusty Nail, and an Epic or Legendary item with secondary Shield Penetration. Since all your skills have an activation delay (exception Nullify's initial burst), this will accumulate to permanent 42% Shield Penetration. Your Shadowfire Pillars will now completely ignore shields. If you insist on fluent combos, it is advised to bring a cooldow reduction gear to compensate for the opportunity cost at level 9.
  • How it works: The build doesn't work around certain timings, so the playstyle is up to the chocie of the user. While the build does provide less dps than other builds due to the gear choices, it becomes incredibly valuable when the enemy team intends to rely on characters with large shields or fast reshielding methods. Those being Shayne&Aurox, Kleese, Reyna and Ambra, but it is also great to break the full-health condition of a bolt-slinging Galilea's It's Dangerous To Go Alone.
  • Make sure to look out for: Teams without shields. Running into a team with a bunch of Eldrid renders 1,5 of your 3 gear-slots nearly useless. Use this build when you know what you will go up against.

 PvE Builds

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