• 21.07.2016
    • Level 1, right Helix: Shadowfire Pillar reveals all stealthed enemies in the area → Shadowfire Pillar reveals all cloaked enemies in the area around Orendi for 3 seconds.
  • 13.10.2016
    • Level 5, right Helix: Fixed an issue that allowed Level 5 Right Helix Augment Prognosticombo to benefit from the second Shadowfire Pillar of Level 4 Right Helix Augment Encore
  • 17.01.2017
    • Increased the travel speed of Chaos Bolts
    • Level 1, left Helix: +410 damage over 5 seconds  → +210 damage over 5 seconds
    • Level 3, left Helix: Let's Bounce: Nullify propells Orendi in the direction she's moving  → Cadence: Increases Orendi's Atatck Speed +10% Attack Speed
    • Level 4, mutation Instant Gratification
      • Level 4 → Level 6
      • Damage penalty: 50% → 35%
    • Level 6, left Helix: Increases Nullify's base damage by 15% After activating Nullify, the next Shadowfire Pillar will have no cast time. This does not apply to Pillarstorm
    • Level 8, right Helix: I Hate Your Pretty Shields: A portion of damage dealt by Nullify penetrates enemy shields +60% shield penetration → Stay... Right... There!: For 2 seconds after activating Nullify, Orendi's basic attacks slow enemies +2 seconds slow duration
    • Level 9, Mutation: Chaotic Reach: Increase Shadowfire Pillar's maximum cast distance +25% cast distance → Faster Faster Faster Faster: Each enemy hit with Shadowfire Pillar briefly increases Orendi's movement speed by 3%. Up to +12% Movement Speed for 7 Seconds

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