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Orendi is a Battleborn of the The Rogues faction.


Feared even by members of her own faction, the unhinged and unpredictable Orendi channels powerful magic-like energies, striving to test herself against the universe's greatest foes. She has more than earned the title "The Chaos Witch".


Unhinged, unpredictable, and feared even by members of her own faction, Orendi channels bursts of chaotic energy to ravage her opponents at incredible speed, and seeks to test herself against the greatest challenges Solus has to offer.

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  • Orendi is portrayed by Ashly Burch, who previously voiced Tiny Tina and The Bane SMG from the Borderlands video game series.
  • Many Borderlands fans theorize that Orendi is an expy of Tiny Tina. This makes sense, as Borderlands is also made by Gearbox.


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