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Lore ChallengesEdit

Shifty Witching Deal 12,000 damage with Paradigm Shift in a single match.
Very Morphic Pillars Damage 3 enemies simultaneously with Shadowfire Pillar, 40 times.
The Essence of Chaos Use Nullify to Knock an enemy back into your Shadowfire Pillar, 20 times.
The Eyes Have You Deal 100,000 damage with Orendi's secondary ranged attack.
That's a Very Nice Hat Trick Use Shadowfire Pillar 50 times in a single match, 5 times.


  • All these challenges also work on non-player characters, so all can be done in PvE
  • For That's a Very Nice Hat Trick: Using the Encore augment makes completing this challenge easier


Orendi Gear


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