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Nova is one of the non-playable characters from Battleborn and is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in charge of flying Trevor Ghalt's ship and co-ordinating with Kleese, Mellka, and Deande to assist the Battleborn on their away missions.

Nova also explains the rules at the start of every PvP match (Incursion, Capture, Meltdown, and Face Off).


  • Nova has never been downloaded outside of the ship except during The Saboteur mission where she helps the Battleborn infiltrate Rendain's headquarters.
  • Nova seems to like the lasers blocking the vent in The Algorithm in which starts a massive talk about the lasers.
  • In The Void's Edge, it is shown that Nova is affected by massive Varelsi portal, being unable to fly straight when within its vicinity along with her voice glitching out.