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This strategy guide was created to help players determine the best Gear and Helix choices for this Hero based on Game Mode type and Role. Contributors are encouraged to share their knowledge so that others may benefit from it. 

Stats Edit

Base Stats (level 1)

Max Stats (level 10)

Skills Edit

Montana's Minigun -  accumulates heat as it fires, increasing bonus damage dealt. This is a passive effect called Heatwave.

  • Helix effects:
    • Level 3 - R Reduce minigun spin-up time by 30%
    • Mutation Level 7 (requires Char Rank 12 to unlock) Reduces the minigun's rate of heat accumulation by -20%

Hearty Constitution - Montana's remarkable size allows him to soak up a substantial amount of damage

  • Helix Effects:
    • Level 3 - L Increases maximum Health by +250
    • Level 6 - L Increases maximum shield strength by +195 Shield.

Lumberjack Dash: Montana dashes and collides with an enemy, dealing 208-280 damage and knocking them back. If the hit enemy hits an object or ally, they are stunned for 1 second.

  • Helix effects:
    • Level 1 - L Increases Lumberjack Dash distance by 50%.
    • Level 2 - L Knock up enemies at the end of Lumberjack Dash
    • Level 2 - R Increases the knockback effect
    • Level 7 - L Lumberjack Dash damage is increased by +25% while Hailstorm is active
    • Level 8 - L Cooldown reduced by -25%
    • Level 8 - R Increases impact damage by +15%
    • Mutation: Level 2 (requires Char Rank 7 to unlock) Creates a shockwave at the end of Lumberjack Dash knocking enemies back an additional +50%

Hailstorm: Loads a specialized ammunition that slows enemies hit and uses less heat per shot. Also adds armor that reduces damage taken.

  • Helix effects:
    • Level 1 - R Increases Minigun accuracy while Hailstorm is active by 30%
    • Level 4 - L Minigun heat decrease with each shot while Hailstorm is active
    • Level 4 - R Minigun heat accumulates per shot while Hailstorm is active, granting bonus damage over time (+24 per second)
    • Level 7 - R Increase skill duration by 2 seconds
    • Level 9 - L Intensifies Hailstorm's slowing effect, further reducing enemy movement speed. If Firestorm augment is active, its damage over time effects are lengthened. (Firestorm is level 4 - R)
    • Level 9 - R Weapon damage increased by +14% while Hailstorm is active
    • Mutation Level 6 (requires Char Rank 3 to unlock) Hailstorm bullets penetrate multiple targets
    • Mutation level 9 (requires Char Rank 5 to unlock) Increases Hailstorm's damage reduction by +25%.

Heatwave: Passive - The hotter Montana's Minigun is, the more bonus damage it deals.

  • Helix Effects:
    • Level 5 - L Lower heat causes increased health regeneration (good to combine with Hailstorm use)
    • Level 5 - R Higher heat causes increased health regeneration
    • Level 6 - R The minigun no longer overheats, but every shot fired while above maximum heat capacity damages Montana.
    • Mutation Level 5 (requires Char Rank 9 to unlock) Increases accuracy up to an additional +25%.
  • Legendary Gear effect - Slows Minigun Heat generation by X% when Heat exceeds X% (stats are procedurally generated). This is beneficial in that the Minigun will have a much higher chance to mis-fire if overheated. This gear slows the heating process.

Mansformation: Stomp the ground, dealing 525-750 damage and knocking up nearby enemies. Montana takes reduced damage for 8 seconds after.

  • Helix Effects:
    • Level 10 - R When Mansformation damage reduction is active, incoming enemy fire is reflected back at the attacker.
    • Level 10 - L Absorbs damage taken while Mansformation damage reduction is active. When Mansformation ends, an area of effect attack is unleashed after 3 seconds, returning absorbed damage to nearby enemies.

Builds Edit

PVP Builds

PVE Builds

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