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Miko is a Battleborn of the Eldrid faction.


Miko is a member of the Eldrid faction and last surviving bud of a once planet-sized fungal colony. Miko is widely known as a compassionate and very skilled healer. Now more of a combat botanist, Miko devotes their time to restoring all which can be restored and throwing poisoned Kunai at things which cannot be restored.



  • Miko is considered the oldest living Battleborn member, surpassing even Ambra. The bud known as "Miko" spawned in year 19,209 just after the War of Being started. However, the original Mikollopria gained sentience over a million years before "Miko". [1]
  • Miko refers to itself as "we", referencing the fact that they was once part of a super-organism. It is possible that there are a number of instances of A. Mikollopria that make up Miko's body, meaning that Miko would be multiple individuals. This could explain how their ultimate, Fungus Among Us, works as Miko would detach one of the individuals that makes up their body to create the single mushroom.
  • Reading the description of Miko in the mobile game "Battleborn Tap" it is stated that Miko is in fact female. However, the developers have stated that Miko is genderless (as they're a mushroom organism with no concept of gender) and any characters that refer to Miko as "her" or "he" are just assumptions made by that character.
    • In Russian localization Miko had female gender pronounces, probably due the word "Грибница" ("Mycelium") having female grammar gender; it is still occurs on Russian version of official site, but after several game updates pronounces were changed to male gender.
  • One of Miko’s abilities, Fungus Among Us, could be in reference to the toy line: Fungus Among Us, or the studio album by Incubus



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