Mellka is a Battleborn of the Eldrid faction.

She is a Base Game Battleborn, which available:

  • after completing "The Prologue" in Full Game version
  • after purchasing Credits 35,000 in Marketplace in Free Trial version
  • in free characters rotation of Free Trial version


Born as a refugee, Mellka was raised and trained among an aggressive Eldrid commando group known as the Vigilant. Proficient at several combat styles, but prefers exotic weaponry such as her biologically-active Eldrid gauntlet, now permanently fused with her left hand. [1]




  • The first footage shows her as a non-playable character, before revealing she is a playable Battleborn in the E3 trailer.
  • Mellka's voice actor, Brina Palencia, previously voiced the Borderlands series character (Mad) Moxxi.
  • Due to her large role in the story in most of the missions, plus the fact that she is the only playable character in the Prologue, Mellka could arguably be called the game's main protagonist.



  1. Mellka - Battleborn

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