Venom Cansiter


Mellka's Machine Pistol ejects an explosive canister of venom when reloaded. Enemies afflicted with venom suffer damage over 4 seconds.

Skill 1

Claw Lunge

Claw lunge icon

Lunges forward a short distance for a powerful claw strike dealing 134 damage. Enemies covered in venom take additional damage.
Default Cooldown: 15s


Custom Machine Pistol

Custom Machine Pistol

Mellka's Machine Pistol deals rapid fire damage at medium range.

Skill 2


Spike icon

Charges a burst of energy that deals up to 200 damage to nearby enemies and launches Mellka into the air. Enemies covered in venom are wounded for 4 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 14s


Eldrid Operative

Eldrid operatives garb icon

Mellka can unleash a secondary attack on nearby enemies with her powerful melee combo, dealing bonus damage to enemies covered in venom.


Blade Launcher

Blade launcher icon

Unleashes a barrage of laced blades covered in venom and dealing 167 damage with each hit.
Default Cooldown: 52s

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