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Born in space, Mellka developed an early hunger for solid ground, and found a clear calling in special operations, even joining with the Eldrid group called The Vigilant. While serving with The Vigilant, she developed close ties with an elite Peacekeeper operative named Trevor Ghalt. While proficient at several combat styles, Mellka prefers some of the more exotic Eldrid weaponry.

Mellka has some anger issues to work out but fortunately, between her TX-12 Venom Launcher (which can rapid-fire loads of specialized nano-chemical mixes at foes) and an exotic Eldrid Bio-Glaive (a specialized near-living glove which can reshape itself based on subtle neural prompting) she’s always prepared to kick serious ass on the next away mission.

How to unlock:

  • Rank Unlock: Command Rank 34
  • Challenge Unlock: Complete “The Heliophage”


Born as a refugee, Mellka was raised and trained among an aggressive Eldrid commando group known as the Vigilant. Proficient at several combat styles, but prefers exotic weaponry such as her biologically-active Eldrid gauntlet, now permanently fused with her left hand.

Character StatsEdit

  • Role: Attacker
  • Characteristics:
    • Agile
    • Assassin
    • Easy


  • The first footage shows her as a non-playable character, before revealing she is a playable Battleborn in the E3 trailer.
  • Mellka's voice actor, Brina Palencia, previously voiced the Borderlands series character (Mad) Moxxi.
  • Due to her large role in the story in most of the missions, plus the fact that she is the only playable character in the Prologue, Mellka could arguably be called the game's main protagonist.


Official Website - Mellka

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Venom Cansiter


Mellka's Machine Pistol ejects an explosive canister of venom when reloaded. Enemies afflicted with venom suffer damage over 4 seconds.

Skill 1

Claw Lunge

Claw lunge icon

Lunges forward a short distance for a powerful claw strike dealing 134 damage. Enemies covered in venom take additional damage.
Default Cooldown: 15s


Custom Machine Pistol

Custom Machine Pistol

Mellka's Machine Pistol deals rapid fire damage at medium range.

Skill 2


Spike icon

Charges a burst of energy that deals up to 200 damage to nearby enemies and launches Mellka into the air. Enemies covered in venom are wounded for 4 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 14s


Eldrid Operative

Eldrid operatives garb icon

Mellka can unleash a secondary attack on nearby enemies with her powerful melee combo, dealing bonus damage to enemies covered in venom.


Blade Launcher

Blade launcher icon

Unleashes a barrage of laced blades covered in venom and dealing 167 damage with each hit.
Default Cooldown: 52s

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Rock Out Default
The Mercenary Rewarded at Character Rank 15
Take A Knee Complete Lore Challenge "Punching the Darkness"
Unkempt Randomly rewarded when opening Eldrid Loot Packs
Gunslinger Randomly rewarded when opening Eldrid Loot Packs
Stick The Dismount Marketplace purchase for 230 Platinum

Taunt GalleryEdit


The Eldrid Merc Default
Outlander Rewarded at Character Rank 4
Renegade Rewarded at Character Rank 8
Strider Rewarded at Character Rank 11
Explorer Rewarded at Character Rank 14
Wanderer Complete Challenge "Master of Mellka"
Excursionist Randomly rewarded when opening Eldrid Loot Packs
Nomad Randomly rewarded when opening Eldrid Loot Packs
Vagrant Randomly rewarded when opening Eldrid Loot Packs
Wayfarer Marketplace purchase for 420 Platinum

Skin GalleryEdit

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For the Character Lore, see Character Lore.

Lore ChallengesEdit

Spaceborne Malady Kill 100 enemies while in the air.
Furious Upbringing Deal 30,000 damage with Blade Launcher.
Heeding The Call Complete 3 matches While on the same team as Ghalt.
Which Blade? Deal 250,000 damage to envenomed targets.
Punching The Darkness Kill 100 Varelsi with Claw Lunge.



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Helix Edit

Level 1 Hobbling Strike Hobbling Spike
Enemies hit by Claw Lunge are slowed for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow Duration Enemies hit by Spike are slowed for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow Duration
Level 2 Parting Gift Spike Vault Altitude Sickness
Spike leaves behind an area of effect that envenomates nearby enemies and deals damage-over-time. +20 Damage per Second over 5 Seconds Activating Spike now propels Mellka forward. Increases Mellka's Spike height.
Level 3 Air Stall Frag Canister
Mellka's off-hand melee attack deals increased damage and propels her backwards. Can be used once every 3 seconds. +50% Damage Reloading the Custom Machine Pistol ejects a Venom Canister that fragments into smaller projectiles shortly after launch.
Level 4 Blade Ejection Action Reload Tactical Withdrawal
Claw Lunge launches a blade at the end of the lunge, dealing additional damage. +50 Damage. Using Claw Lunge refills Mellka's Custom Machine Pistol. If Mellka hits a target with Claw Lunge, she will bounce backwards.
Level 5 Adrenaline Rush Venom Contagion Eldrid Rhythm
Meleeing enemies afflicted with venom increases Mellka’s health regeneration rate for a short time. +7 Health Regeneration for 4 Second. Enemies killed while affected by venom will explode, dealing damage and spreading venom to nearby targets. Killing an enemy afflicted with venom grants a stack of increased health (to a maximum of 10 stacks). Health stacks are reset upon death. +30 Maximum Health per Stack.
Level 6 Spike Burst Desperate Lunge
Increases Spike’s area-of-effect radius. This also increases Parting Gift's area of effect radius. +50% Area of Effect Radius Decreases Claw Lunge's cooldown on enemy kill. Up to -50% Cooldown Time
Level 7 Power Spike Second Wind
Mellka switches to a more deadly form of venom that increases her Spike's damage. This also increases Parting Gift's damage. +15% Damage The cooldown for Spike is lowered based on Mellka's remaining health. Up to -40% Cooldown Time.
Level 8 Refined Canisters Potent Toxins Thrill of the Hunt
Increases Machine Pistol magazine size. Mellka's bullets also apply venom to targets. +10 Clip Size. Increases the duration of Venom. +4 Seconds Duration. When a new target is afflicted with venom, Mellka's movement speed is increased for a short time. +30% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds.
Level 9 Feral Strike Finishing Blow
Activating Claw Lunge increases Mellka’s melee attack speed for a short time. +20% Melee Attack Speed for 8 Seconds. Claw Lunge deals increased damage. +15% Damage.
Level 10 Blade Storm Pool Shot All In
Blade Launcher's blades bounce off of the environment and home in on envenomated enemies instead of exploding on impact. Each shot from Blade Launcher explodes on contact and leaves a Parting Gift damage pool if it hits the ground. Blade Launcher fires a single, powerful shot, dealing heavy damage to one target. +500 Damage.

Advanced Helix:

  • Additional Helix options that can be unlocked by leveling the respective character rank.
  • A third option added to a pre-defined Helix choice.
  • Maximum of 1 additional helix choice for each character Helix level
  • They first show up ingame after they are unlocked for the individual character.
  • 5 additional helix choices per character
  • Ingame selection via:
    • F (PC)
    • Y (Xbox Controller)
    • Triangle (PS4)
Character Rank 3 Level 2 Spike Vault
Requires character rank 3 to unlock = 105 total XP. Activating Spike now propels Mellka forward.
Character Rank 5 Level 4 Action Reload
Requires character rank 5 to unlock = 250 total XP. Using Claw Lunge refills Mellka's Custom Machine Pistol.
Character Rank 7 Level 5 Venom Contagion
Requires character rank 7 to unlock = 470 total XP. Enemies killed while affected by Venom will explode dealing damage and spreading Venom to nearby targets.
Character Rank 9 Level 8 Potent Toxins
Requires character rank 9 to unlock = 775 total XP. Increases the duration of Venom. +4 Seconds Duration.
Character Rank 12 Level 10 Pool Shot
Requires character rank 12 to unlock = 1455 total XP. Each shot from Blade Launcher explodes on contact and leaves a Parting Gift damage pool if it hits the ground.

Render Mellka

This strategy guide was created to help players determine the best Gear and Helix choices for this Hero based on Game Mode type and Role. Contributors are encouraged to share their knowledge so that others may benefit from it.





PVP BuildsEdit

PVE BuildsEdit

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