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Marquis is an LLC robot who once served as Phoebe’s butler before The Great Severance rendered him insane. Best from long range, Marquis uses his cane-turned-sniper rifle to hit enemies from afar, and he can also send out robotic owls named Hoodini that circle the skies and rain down on enemies like adorable missiles. Marquis’ ultimate ability is the Bindleblast, a shot that does high damage and increases in power the further the shot travels.

Marquis is available to play at the start of the game.


Marquis d'Caliber was once butler to Phoebe before an odd encounter with the LLC's AI leader, the Magna Carta, altered his personality. Now, this high-society sociopath wreaks havoc on the unwashed masses with his sniper cane Bindlebane and his explosively temperamental mechanical owl, Hoodini.

Character StatsEdit

  • Role: Attacker
  • Characteristics:
    • Territorial
    • Sniper
    • Advanced

Trivia Edit

  • Marquis' owl, Hoodini is a reference to the joke, "What do you call a magic owl? Hoo-dini!"
  • One of Marquis's lines "The eyes Hoodini, go for the eyes!" is a reference to Boo, a pet hamster in Bioware's Baldur's Gate series.
  • Marquis speaks with a German accent, despite his name being French in origin. References to the German language include:
    • "Ein, Zwei, Die" (a pun of "Eins, Zwei, Drei", which means "one, two, three" in German).
    • During his heelclap taunt he sometimes shouts "Wunderbar" ("Wonderful") (note W is pronounced like a V).
    • Sometimes when his robotic owls kill minion bots he refers to them as "mein Kinder" ("mein Kinder" = "my children").
  • In the german version of the game, all his originally german lines are french.
  • When Marquis is affected by a slow effect, he will start singing "Daisy, Daisy". This may be a reference to Hal 9000, an A.I. from the novel and film 2001: A Space Odyssey, who sings this song as he is being deactivated.