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Lothar Rendain is the main antagonist in Battleborn, the leader of the The Jennerit Imperium and an ally of the Varelsi. He is the final boss in The Heliophage story mission.



Lothar Rendain, the right-hand of Empress Lenore for nearly 20,000 years, earned his spot by leading the Jennerit military. He even served as the central commander for multi-faction alliances against the Varelsi… then something changed.

As more solar systems winked out of existence, Rendain felt something needed to be done. The Varelsi and the coming Darkening seemed inevitable. The only practical solution seemed obvious to him - He had to survive. And that meant betraying his Empress and aiding in the destruction of the remaining universe. After all, when the objective is worth it: “Any Deed. Any Price.”

Seeing an inevitable alliance with the Varelsi as the most pragmatic option to survival, Rendain led a coup on the throneworld of Jennar, resulting in the Darkening of the planet and everyone on it—including the Empress Lenore. Rendain’s new order – named the Jennerit Imperium – began working with the Varelsi to finish the work of Darkening the universe. Those still loyal to the Empress were dealt with – or fled.

Now, Rendain fights a two-front war – alongside the Varelsi to destroy the remaining universe against the Battleborn and combating a growing resistance that’s rising throughout the Jennerit Imperium.




  • Rendain is voiced by Chris Rager, who is best known for his voice of the Borderlands series' Mr. Torgue.



Screenshots: Concept arts by Herman Ng