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Lore ChallengesEdit

Introducing: The Magnus Deal 10,000 Shield damage with Energy Mortars.
Slow, Not Dead Kill 50 enemies affected by Black Hole.
A Shocking Message Damage 100 enemies with Kleese’s Shock Taser.
Ride of the Battle Throne "Play as Kleese at least once in every map of the game." (14 maps needed)
I Care About You. No, Really. Restore 50,000 shield strength to allies with Energy Rift.




When Kleese commissioned his battlechair, he asked for certain extra options:

  • Harresburra Leather Seating: “Rich, luxurious Harresburra leather must be used here. It is so supple; the chair must feel like it is caressing me. This is non-negotiable.”
  • Two [2] Cup Holders: “One in each arm capable of fitting a large hi-ball glass.”
  • Footrest: “Made out of Harresburra leather. Slippers would be good.”
  • Snug-but-not-restrictive Safety Belt: “Also made out of Harresburra leather. Seriously, this is important. I will return the Battle Throne with the Black Hole generator left on if it you try cutting corners on the leather.”