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The cantankerous Kleese, former director of Minion Robotics, hates getting his hands dirty – or getting out of his chair – to waste his time on some inferior being. So, of course he’s going to design a hardened piece of plush, high-end “combat furniture” when he’s forced to fight.

How to unlock:

  • Rank Unlock: Command Rank 36
  • Challenge Unlock: Earn a Silver rating on all Story missions.


Following his dismissal as director of Minion Robotics, the cantankerous Kleese now serves as Nova's chief science officer and mad-scientist-in-residence. Abhors away missions but relishes opportunities to test his tech, such as his "Battle Throne".

Character StatsEdit

  • Role: Supporter
  • Characteristics:
    • Territorial
    • Shielder
    • Complex


  • Kleese's taunt, "Merriment at Maxium" uses the same background song as FR4G TP's "Blight Bot" skill from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Both are based off the song "Low Bot (Original Mix)" by Kelias & JC Monaca.


Official Website - Kleese Introduction

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Tactical Battle Chair

Tactical Battle Chair

Kleese rolls into battle in the most deluxe of all battle furniture. It increases Kleese’s maximum Shield capacity per level and can be used to extend jumps.

Skill 1

Energy Rift

Energy Rift

Kleese opens up an Energy Rift that restores friendly shields by 83 and deals 83 damage to enemies every 3 seconds. A maximum of 3 Rifts each have 700 health.
Default Cooldown: 12s


Wrist Cannon and Shock Taser

Wrist Cannon and Shock Taser

Kleese fires energy blasts from his Wrist Cannon. He also fires a powerful Shock Taser from his chair, dealing bonus damage to shields.

Skill 2

Energy Mortar

Energy Mortar

Kleese shoots a barrage of 6 Mortars at an area. Mortars damage enemies for 22 damage and deal bonus damage to shields.
Default Cooldown: 10s


Battlefield Tactician

Battlefield Tactician

Kleese controls the battlefield through a variety of electrical based shield attacks, stripping away his enemies’ shields and buffing his teammates’ shields.


Black Hole

Black Hole

Kleese summons a Black Hole that pulls in enemies towards it dealing 334 damage.
Default Cooldown: 55s

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My Imaginary Companion Default
Call Of The Contankerous Rewarded at Character Rank 15
Fatal Farewell Complete the Lore Challenge "I Care About You. No, Really."
Massage Throne Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Packs
Let's Have a Look At You Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Packs
Merriment at Maximum Marketplace purchase for 230 Platinum
Retiree Rumba Marketplace purchase for 230 Platinum

Taunt GalleryEdit


The Scientist Default
Landed Elite Rewarded at Character Rank 4
Cantankerous Codger Rewarded at Character Rank 8
Get Off My Lawn Rewarded at Character Rank 11
Call The Authorities Rewarded at Character Rank 14
Throne Of Darkness Complete Challenge "Master of Kleese"
The Professor Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Pack
The Super Villain Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Pack
The Mad Scientist Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Pack
Giant Cranberry Complete Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion as Kleese with at least 40 Ops Points
Malefactor of Great Wealth Complete Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion as Kleese with at least 85 Ops Points
Evil Genius Complete Toby's Friendship Raid as Kleese with at least 40 Ops Points
Plutarch Nemesis Complete Toby's Friendship Raid as Kleese with at least 85 Ops Points
Battle Cabana Marketplace purchase for 700 Platinum
Headcase Marketplace purchase for 420 Platinum

Skin GalleryEdit

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For the Character Lore, see Character Lore.

Lore ChallengesEdit

Introducing: The Magnus Deal 10,000 Shield damage with Energy Mortars.
Slow, Not Dead Kill 50 enemies affected by Black Hole.
A Shocking Message Damage 100 enemies with Kleese’s Shock Taser.
Ride of the Battle Throne "Play as Kleese at least once in every map of the game." (14 maps needed)
I Care About You. No, Really. Restore 50,000 shield strength to allies with Energy Rift.




When Kleese commissioned his battlechair, he asked for certain extra options:

  • Harresburra Leather Seating: “Rich, luxurious Harresburra leather must be used here. It is so supple; the chair must feel like it is caressing me. This is non-negotiable.”
  • Two [2] Cup Holders: “One in each arm capable of fitting a large hi-ball glass.”
  • Footrest: “Made out of Harresburra leather. Slippers would be good.”
  • Snug-but-not-restrictive Safety Belt: “Also made out of Harresburra leather. Seriously, this is important. I will return the Battle Throne with the Black Hole generator left on if it you try cutting corners on the leather.”

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1 Shocking Twist Shocking Pulse
Mortars will heal friendly target’s shields. Energy Rift will shock nearby enemies dealing bonus shield damage. +50% Bonus Damage to Shields.
2 Shiftless Shells Overloaded Mortars
Energy Mortars will slow enemy targets they hit. Firing Energy Mortars will deplete Kleese’s shield and add it to their damage.
3 Chair Slam Quantum Precision Don't Tase Me Bro
Using Kleese’s Shock Taser in the air will cause Kleese’s Battle Chair to slam into the ground, depleting his chair energy and dealing damage to all enemies around him. Kleese's Wrist Cannon now charges to fire a focused laser. Shock Taser now arcs to additional targets.
4 Rift Network Unstable Rifts
Energy Rifts will now link to each other when near each other. Their output will be increased times the number of rifts in the network. Using Kleese’s Energy Mortars or Wrist Cannon attacks on an Energy Rift will now feed energy into the rift causing it to become unstable. Unstable rifts explode after a short time damaging nearby enemies.
5 Don't Call It A Heal Chair Extended Battery Life Get Ready For A Surprise
Kleese’s Tactical Battle Chair can heal nearby players every second. Increases Kleese's Tactical Battle Chair energy. +10 Chair Energy. Whenever Kleese dies, his Tactical Battle Chair explodes.
6 Bulk Savings Rift Farm Expanded Mortar Capacity
Kleese can have additional Energy Rifts alive in the world at the same time. Decreases Energy Rift’s cooldown. -33% Cooldown Time. Kleese can now fire additional Energy Mortars.
7 Geezer Pleaser Bouncing Balls of Death Tampered Mortars
Killing an enemy with Energy Mortars instantly recharges Kleese’s shield. Kleese's Energy Mortars will now bounce several times before exploding. Energy Mortars now all fire at the same time, blanketing an area.
8 Brains Before Brawn Brawn Before Brains
Kleese’s maximum shield strength is increased. Kleese’s Shock Taser deals increased damage.
9 Healthy Rift Quick Pulse
Increases the max health of each Energy Rift. Increases the pulse speed of Energy Rift.
10 Sharing Is Caring Insta-Hole Square Root Of Pain
Black Hole gives every friendly team member in range an overshield when it implodes. Black Hole's time to pull enemies is greatly reduced. Black Hole causes all friendly Energy Rifts in range to become an Unstable Rift and explode.

Advanced Helix:Edit

  • Additional Helix options that can be unlocked by levelling the respective character rank.
  • A third option added to a pre-defined Helix choice.
  • Maximum of 1 additional helix choice for each character Helix level
  • They first show up ingame after they are unlocked for the individual character.
  • 5 additional helix choices per character
  • Ingame selection via:
    • F (PC)
    • Y (Xbox Controller)
    • Triangle (PS4)
Character Rank 3 Level 3 Quantum Precision
Requires character rank 3 to unlock = 105 total XP. Kleese's Wrist Cannon now charges to fire a focused laser.
Character Rank 5 Level 5 Extended Battery Life
Requires character rank 5 to unlock = 250 total XP. Increases Kleese's Tactical Battle Chair energy. +10 Chair Energy.
Character Rank 7 Level 6 Rift Farm
Requires character rank 7 to unlock = 470 total XP. Decreases Energy Rift's cooldown. -33% Cooldown Time.
Character Rank 9 Level 7 Bouncing Balls of Death
Requires character rank 9 to unlock = 775 total XP. Kleese's Energy Mortars will now bounce several times before exploding.
Character Rank 12 Level 10 Insta-Hole
Requires character rank 12 to unlock = 1455 total XP. Black Hole's time to pull enemies is greatly reduced.

Render Kleese

This strategy guide was created to help players determine the best Gear and Helix choices for this Hero based on Game Mode type and Role. Contributors are encouraged to share their knowledge so that others may benefit from it.





PVP BuildsEdit

PVE BuildsEdit

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  • Fixed an issue that allowed Kleese's Energy Rifts to replenish Sentry shields in Incursion.
  • Changed Kleese's HUD to use a jump meter instead of an ammo counter.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Kleese's Shock Taser to target stealthed enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with Kleese's Energy Rift damage when both level 4 Left Helix Augment, Rift Network and level 6 Left Helix Augment, Bulk Savings are active.
  • Fixed an issue that increased the cast range of Kleese's Energy Rifts and Black Hole.


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