Kelvin appears to be a hulking ice golem, but is in fact an entire microorganism civilization that, when bonded together, form a single sentient being that smashes, chomps and freezes its enemies for the survival of the species.

"Miko has to keep reminding me that Kelvin isn’t just some big, lumbering Ice Golem – but, I mean, c’mon, this thing is huge! But it’s also really small. I still have trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that Kelvin is actually an entire, sentient microorganism civilization taking shape as this huge, hulking Golem. Mental note: Kelvin thrives in the extreme cold of space. Bring a jacket." - Trevor Ghalt , Commander of the Battleborn.

How to unlock:

  • Rank Unlock: Command Rank 18
  • Challenge Unlock: Win 5 matches as an Eldrid character


There are many strange beings in Solus, but the ice golem Kelvin is definitely one of the strangest -- a single consciousness emerging from a colony of extremophilic microorganisms. Rescued by Miko , Kelvin now fights for the Eldrid to preserve what's left of the cosmos.

Character StatsEdit

  • Role: Defender
  • Characteristics:
    • Controller
    • Brawler
    • Advanced


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