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Kelvin is a Battleborn of the Eldrid faction.


"Miko has to keep reminding me that Kelvin isn’t just some big, lumbering Ice Golem – but, I mean, c’mon, this thing is huge! But it’s also really small. I still have trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that Kelvin is actually an entire, sentient microorganism civilization taking shape as this huge, hulking Golem. Mental note: Kelvin thrives in the extreme cold of space. Bring a jacket." - Trevor Ghalt , Commander of the Battleborn.


There are many strange beings in Solus, but the ice golem Kelvin is definitely one of the strangest -- a single consciousness emerging from a colony of extremophilic microorganisms. Rescued by Miko , Kelvin now fights for the Eldrid to preserve what's left of the cosmos.




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