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ISIC is a Magnus - an artificial intelligence of staggering complexity, charged with tasks well beyond the capacity of an organic mind to the point he was driven mad. He is the craziest, deadliest, most nihilistic Magnus the Last Light Consortium ever produced. Now he’s returned to Solus, and he has a bone to pick with the cosmos – and the Battleborn who protect it.

Before his mind fell to pieces, ISIC was the lead manufacturing Magnus at Minion Robotics, where he drove record profits and revolutionized production pipelines. After his mind fell to pieces, he joined a pro-wrestling circuit, tore a dude’s arms off, and decided minutes later that the physical universe is nothing more than a simulation and must be destroyed.

In the Battleborn mission “The Algorithm”, ISIC has seized control of Fort Ocoban – an old UPR mining colony on the ice moon of Bliss – where he plans to strike the killing blow against the cosmos, and free all sentient life from the cruel mockery they call existence. To do this, he’ll need Ocoban’s considerable energy reserves to process the Algorithm: a program that ISIC believes can crash the universe itself.

If the Battleborn can stop him, they might just be able to debug ISIC’s considerably buggy code and gain an ally in their fight against the Varelsi.

How to unlock:

  • Rank Unlock: Command Rank 30
  • Challenge Unlock: Complete “The Algorithm”


Once the lead manufacturing Magnus of Minion Robotics, ISIC abandoned his post to crash reality itself through the application of unthinkably complex code. Though debugged by Kleese, this Magnus is still regarded as among the most nihilistic and terrifying of the Battleborn.[1]

Character StatsEdit

  • Role: Defender
  • Characteristics:
    • Tank
    • Disruptor
    • Complex


  • Jim Foronda, the voice actor of ISIC, also portrays the voice of Oscar Mike.
  • ISIC is Gearbox writer's Aaron Linde's favorite character in the game.[2]
  • ISIC seems to have an unhealthy obsession with kneecaps - often mentioning he would like to break them.
  • During his story mission; he will often remark he would like to kill Kleese.
  • Although he is implicated as 'insane' in-game, ISIC is arguably the closest character to the fourth-wall and the reality of Battleborn itself. He indicates in one of his lore pieces that the universe is merely a simulation run by 'horrible, unethical monsters' possibly understanding that he's in a video game, and in The Algorithm he directly references the player (although, in the vast majority of cases, is wrong about their name.)


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  2. 2016-03-28, Science, Humor, and the Gearbox-y-ness of Battleborn. GameSpot, accessed on 2016-03-29

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Activating a skill while ISIC's Charge Cannon is fully charged empowers that skill with additional Overcharged effects and consumes the charge.

Skill 1

Rotating Wards

Rotating Wards

Raise 5 protective wards that orbit ISIC for 8 seconds, each blocking up to 56 damage from enemy fire.
Overcharged: Each ward blocks up to 131 damage.
Default Cooldown: 17s


Charge Cannon

Charge Cannon

ISIC’s Charge Cannon fires rapidly while charging. Once fully charged, a powerful blast may be released to deal greater damage to multiple enemies.

Skill 2

Plasma Dash

Plasma Dash

ISIC charges to a target location while engulfed in plasma, dealing 134 damage to enemies along the way.
Overcharged: Deal 155 damage to hit enemies.
Default Cooldown: 22s


Energy Aegis

Energy Aegis

ISIC's raises his Energy Aegis to block up to 1000 incoming damage.


Omega Strike

Omega Strike

Toggle turret mode for 40 seconds, replacing attacks with weapons that deal 42 and 167 damage per shot.
Overcharged: Gain 562 overshield on activation
Default Cooldown: 50s

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Victorious Pose! :) Default
All Shook Up Rewarded at Character Rank 15
Come At Me, Bro! :) Complete Lore Challenge "Ocoban Mining Exploration Report"
Square Off, Chump! :) Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Packs
Target Sweep Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Packs

Taunt GalleryEdit


The Coolest :D Default
Turbo-Spooky! :D Rewarded at Character Rank 4
An Oldie, But A Goodie! :D Rewarded at Character Rank 8
It's My Sensitive Side! :D Rewarded at Character Rank 11
Green! Like your Rotting Limbs! :D Rewarded at Character Rank 14
Consciousness Is A Joke! :D Complete Challenge "Master Of ISIC"
Wanna Read My Poetry? Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Packs
We're All Doomed! :) Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Packs
I'm A Heartless Metal Nightmare! :) Randomly rewarded when opening LLC Loot Packs
I'm The Root Of All Evil ;) Open beta challenge SHIFT reward
Check Out My New Look Marketplace purchase for 420 Platinum

Skin GalleryEdit

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For the Character Lore, see Character Lore.

Lore ChallengesEdit

Magnus Self-Review: MAG_MRBX-1210 Use Overcharge ability 60 times.
Epiphany.Exe Deal 100,000 damage with Omega Strike.
The Rogue Magnus Speaks! Block 50,000 damage with Rotating Wards.
Warning: Rogue Magnus Complete 3 matches while on the same team as Kleese.
Ocoban Mining Exploration Report Kill 10 Minions with Plasma Dash.



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1 Watchful Wards! :) Whoops-A-Daisy! :D Crushin' Those Shields! :D
While Rotating Wards is active, each ward reduces ISIC’s shield charge delay. Up to -1.5s Shield Recharge Delay. Rotating Wards drop in place when activated, rather than following ISIC around. A portion of Plasma Dash damage penetrates enemy shields. +60% Shield Penetration.
2 You Dropped These! ;) This Might Sting! :0
When Overcharged, Rotating Wards reflect enemy fire. Concentrates Rotating Wards into charges that damage enemies on contact instead of blocking inbound damage. 158 Damage per Charge (Overcharged: 183 Damage)
3 Not Dyin' Today! :) Shield Down, Charge Up! :D Charging On The Go! :D
Increases maximum shield strength. +240 Maximum Shield Strength. When Energy Aegis breaks, ISIC is instantly Overcharged for 2 seconds, empowering his next skill or weapon use. Using your Charge Cannon no longer slows your movement speed.
4 Hold It Right There }:0 Line Up, Fellas! :D
Enemies hit during Plasma Dash are stunned. Each enemy hit by Plasma Dash increases the damage dealt to subsequent enemies. Additional damage is reset with each use of the skill. +5% Damage Per Enemy Hit.
5 I'm Concentrating! :| Stopping Power ;) In A Big Rush! O_o
Shields regenerate faster while ISIC’s Charge Cannon is Overcharged. +105 Shield Recharge Per Second. Enemies hit directly by Overcharged shots are wounded. +1.5 seconds wound duration. Increases movement speed while Overcharged. +50% Movement Speed.
6 Burlier Wards! :D Let's Hug It Out! (3
Increases Rotating Wards block strength. +113 Ward Strength. Reduces Plasma Dash cooldown time. -20% Cooldown Time.
7 Bring It On! :) I'm Helping! O_o Quick Charge! :D
Increases the amount of damage ISIC's Energy Aegis can block. +100% Damage Blocking. Increases Charge Cannon's damage. +18% Weapon Damage. Decreases the time required to charge up ISIC’s Charge Cannon. -25% Weapon Charge Time.
8 Hard Workin' Wards! :) Waste Not, Want Not! :)
Increases the maximum lifetime of Rotating Wards. +6s Ward Duration. When Rotating Wards expires, the skill’s cooldown is reduced slightly for each ward still active. Up to -50% Cooldown Time.
9 Can't Run From Me! 0.0 Dodge This! 0.0
Increases Plasma Dash speed and maximum range. +50% Plasma Dash Speed and Max Range. Increases size of area damaged by Plasma Dash when Overcharged. +50% Damage Radius.
10 Shields Up! :D Slow Down, Fella! :) It's Raining Death! :D
Activating Omega Strike deploys Energy Aegis to block inbound damage from the front. Should Energy Aegis go down, it will redeploy after 6 seconds. +2000 Damage Blocking. Enemies damaged by Omega Strike's rapid-fire guns are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration. While Omega Strike is active, hitting an enemy directly with a Cannon Shot launches a barrage of missiles. Launch 2 Missiles, Each Dealing 94 Damage.

Advanced Helix:Edit

  • Additional Helix options that can be unlocked by leveling the respective character rank.
  • A third option added to a pre-defined Helix choice.
  • Maximum of 1 additional helix choice for each character Helix level
  • They first show up ingame after they are unlocked for the individual character.
  • 5 additional helix choices per character
  • Ingame selection via:
    • F (PC)
    • Y (Xbox Controller)
    • Triangle (PS4)
Character Rank 7 Level 1 Whoops-A-Daisy! :D
Requires character rank 7 to unlock = 470 total XP. Rotating Wards drop in place when activated, rather than following ISIC around.
Character Rank 12 Level 3 Shield Down, Charge Up! :D
Requires character rank 5 to unlock = 250 total XP. When Energy Aegis breaks, ISIC is instantly Overcharged for 2 seconds, empowering his next skill or weapon use.
Character Rank 3 Level 5 Stopping Power ;)
Requires character rank 3 to unlock = 105 total XP. Enemies hit directly by Overcharged shots are wounded. +1.5 seconds wound duration.
Character Rank 5 Level 7 I'm Helping! O_o
Requires character rank 12 to unlock = 1455 total XP. Increases Charge Cannon's damage. +18% Weapon Damage.
Character Rank 9 Level 10 Slow Down, Fella! :)
Requires character rank 9 to unlock = 775 total XP. Enemies damaged by Omega Strike's rapid-fire guns are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration.

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None specified.


ISIC's Rotating Wards allowed ISIC to soak lots of damage while dealing lots of damage. The reduction of Rotating Wards’ strength gives enemies a faster window to prevent ISIC from controlling the area. In addition, ISIC players could manipulate their shield regen easily with the first augmentation and some gear pieces so we reduced the augmentation strength. And since ISIC has so many defensive options, we wanted players to be able to quickly whittle ISIC down if they got past his defenses so we reduced his base health.[1]

  • Reduced ISIC’s base health by 20%.
  • Reduced Rotating Wards’ block strength by 50%.
  • Reduced Watchful Wards’ bonus by 40%.


  1. July 21, 2016 Hot-fixes

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