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Ghalt is a Battleborn of the Peacekeeper faction.


Trevor Ghalt comes equipped with dual revolver shotgun weapons that each carry 8 rounds, allowing him to focus more on shooting and less on reloading. He has stepped down from his commission in the UPR and is ready to take the fight to Rendain. He was contacted by Deande who had asked him to join her rebellion but has issues trusting her due to a past torture incident. 


Former Peacekeepers officer and capable commander Captain Trevor Ghalt wields his charisma and shotguns with equal effectiveness. As one of the first among the factions to call for unity against the Varelsi, Ghalt is considered the first Battleborn.[1]


  • Ghalt was placed in-game too early, especially some trailers, before his reveal to be a Battleborn with Deande.[2]
  • He was also shown as an NPC as part of the guide, unlike the progressing version of the game.
  • When using Ghalt's hook, he will sometimes say "Get over here!". This is a reference to Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series. He will also say "Gunzerking!" and "Who needs accuracy anyway?" when activating Dual Wielding. This is a reference to the Gunzerker and Mechromancer, respectively, from Borderlands 2.
  • Ghalt appears to have secret feelings for the Rogue Leader Reyna, judging from several lore logs - mainly from Kleese's lore.


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