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Former Peacekeepers officer and capable commander Captain Trevor Ghalt wields his charisma and shotguns with equal effectiveness. As one of the first among the factions to call for unity against the Varelsi, Ghalt is considered the first Battleborn.[x]

Role: Range:
Defender Middle

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Ghalt is a Battleborn of the Peacekeeper faction.


Trevor Ghalt comes equipped with dual revolver shotgun weapons that each carry 8 rounds, allowing him to focus more on shooting and less on reloading. He has stepped down from his commission in the UPR and is ready to take the fight to Rendain. He was contacted by Deande who had asked him to join her rebellion but has issues trusting her due to a past torture incident. 


Former Peacekeepers officer and capable commander Captain Trevor Ghalt wields his charisma and shotguns with equal effectiveness. As one of the first among the factions to call for unity against the Varelsi, Ghalt is considered the first Battleborn.[1]


  • Ghalt was placed in-game too early, especially some trailers, before his reveal to be a Battleborn with Deande.[2]
  • He was also shown as an NPC as part of the guide, unlike the progressing version of the game.
  • When using Ghalt's hook, he will sometimes say "Get over here!". This is a reference to Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series. He will also say "Gunzerking!" and "Who needs accuracy anyway?" when activating Dual Wielding. This is a reference to the Gunzerker and Mechromancer, respectively, from Borderlands 2.
  • Ghalt appears to have secret feelings for the Rogue Leader Reyna, judging from several lore logs - mainly from Kleese's lore.


  1. Official Website - Ghalt
  2. Introducing Ghalt/Deande

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Passive Tactical Shells
Tactical Shells

The last 4 shots in Ghalt’s Revolver Shotgun cylinder deal 25% additional damage.

Skill 1 The Hook
The Hook

Ghalt fires out an energy hook that pulls enemies to him.
Default Cooldown: 14s

Weapon UPR M8-R Revolver Shotgun
UPR M8-R Revolver Shotgun

Ghalt’s customized shotgun deals incredible damage at short range, but is weaker at greater distances.

Skill 2 Scraptrap

Deploys a trap to a target location which slows enemies for 2 seconds, and then explodes dealing 133 damage. A maximum of 2 traps can be deployed simultaneously.
Default Cooldown: 18s

Talent UPR-EC Technician’s Rig
UPR-EC Technician’s Rig

Ghalt’s UPR engineering rig provides a decent amount of defense while also permitting heavy augmentation of Ghalt’s armament.

Ultimate Dual Wield
Dual Wield

Ghalt equips a second shotgun, doubling his damage output for 10 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 53s

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The Big Draw Level 1 Stealth Scrap
Increases the effective hitbox of The Hook, making it easier to land hits on targets. Cloaks deployed Scraptraps making them virtually invisible at range.
Shocktrap Level 2 The Scrappening
Deployed Scraptraps deal damage over time to nearby enemies. +60 Damage Per Second Scraptraps launch an additional 3 shrapnel bombs when triggered. +3 Bombs
Slug Rounds Level 3 Pellet Party
Equips the Revolver Shotgun with single-projectile slug rounds, increasing effective range. +100% Range Increases the amount of pellets in a Revolver Shotgun shell, broadening the spread of the blast. +30% Pellets
Hookshot Level 4 Efficient Extraction
The Hook damages enemies on impact. +133 Damage Increases The Hook’s travel speed and effective range. +35% Speed and Range
Hobbling Shot Level 5 Boomstickier
Tactical Shells slow enemies on impact for a brief time. +2 Seconds Slow Duration Increases Tactical Shells bonus damage. +15% Damage
Drain Chain Level 6 Duct Tape and Bailing Wire
While an enemy is hit with The Hook, their shields and health are drained. Up to +360 Damage Over 3 Seconds Doubles Scraptrap health. +100% Health
Speedloader Level 7 Both Barrels Blazing
Increases Revolver Shotgun reload speed. +25% Reload Speed Firing the Revolver Shotgun now discharges both barrels simultaneously.
Short Fuse Level 8 Big Trap
Reduces Scraptrap trigger delay. -1 Second Trigger Time Increases the radius of Scraptrap’s stun effects and the shrapnel charge blast radius. +40% Area of Effect
Here Comes The Hook Level 9 Easy Target
Reduces The Hook’s cooldown time, allowing more frequent use. -25% Cooldown Time Hooked enemies suffer amplified damage. +15% Damage for 5 Seconds
Gun 'N Run Level 10 Incendiary Shells
Every hit on a major enemy with Dual Wield shotguns grants bonus movement speed, to a maximum of 5 stacks. +5% Movement Speed Per Hit Loads the Revolver Shotgun with incendiary shells during Dual Wield, dealing damage over time to struck enemies. +36 Damage over 1.5 Seconds

Advanced Helix:Edit

  • Additional Helix options that can be unlocked by leveling the respective character rank.
  • A third option added to a pre-defined Helix choice.
  • Maximum of 1 additional helix choice for each character Helix level
  • They first show up ingame after they are unlocked for the individual character.
  • 5 additional helix choices per character
  • Ingame selection via:
    • F (PC)
    • Y (Xbox Controller)
    • Triangle (PS4)
Character Rank 7 Level 2 A Little Somethin' Extra
Requires character rank 7 to unlock = 470? total XP For each Scraptrap active on the battlefield, Scraptraps deal additional damage. +10% Damage per Active Scraptrap
Character Rank 3 Level 4 The Hook(s)
Requires character rank 3 to unlock = 105 total XP The Hook's fires 3 hooks in a cone directly ahead. +2 Hooks
Character Rank 5 Level 7 Scrapstack
Requires character rank 5 to unlock = 250 total XP Increases the number of Scraptraps that can be active on the battlefield at once. +2 Traps
Character Rank 9 Level 8 Quick and Dirty
Requires character rank 9 to unlock = 775 total XP

Reduces Scraptrap cooldown, allowing more frequent use. -25% Cooldown Time

Character Rank 12 Level 10 Can't Touch This
Requires character rank 12 to unlock = 1455 total XP While Dual Wield is active, you are immune to all Crowd Control effects.

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For the Character Lore, see Character Lore.

Lore ChallengesEdit

The First Battleborn Achieve First Blood as Ghalt.
Social Engineering Kill 100 Jennerit enemies with Scraptraps.
Ghalt's Call Pull 25 enemy Battleborn with the Hook.
The First Shots of the Solus War Deal 500,000 damage with Ghalt's Revolver Shotgun.
First Round Draft Picks Complete 3 matches with Deande, Mellka, or Kleese on your team.



Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Ghalt" challenge which rewards player with "Going Quiet" skin and "Master of Ghalt" title.


The First Battleborn

// TO: group – United Peacekeeping Republics
// FROM: trevor.ghalt

Soldiers of the UPR and friends:

I hereby and officially tender my resignation as a professional soldier and Captain within the United Peacekeeping Republics after 37 years of faithful service.

This has not been an easy nor convenient decision for me. This decision has been made, not because I've abandoned the ideals of protection and survival which have bonded our republics together, but because I believe we must cooperate MORE broadly to win this war. That means setting aside age-old grudges and disputes, and fighting alongside those who days ago we fought against.

To this end, I will soon be issuing a call to action. My call is this: join my fight against Rendain and the Varelsi. Save the star. Save the universe.

Social Engineering

|| DATE: y.19958, d.6

Chancellor Victoria Shields,

Normally, we would not bother you with a matter like this – desertion is commonplace these days and hardly a top issue given our current priorities. This time, however, the soldier in question is worth noting.

From his UPR personnel dossier:

  • NAME: Trevor Ghalt
  • ORIGIN: Ocoban, Aplia IV
  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: Soldier, since enlistment age (18)
  • UPR RECRUITMENT DATE: y.19921, d.235 (over 36 years service)
  • AFFILIATES: Oscar Mike, Benedict, Montana, Eldrid Vigilant Hyenyota. Suspected: Reyna Valeria, as well as an unknown high-ranking contact within the Jennerit Imperium
  • SERVICE RECORD: Participant in the defense of more than eight Darkened systems, including Aplia IV (y.19933), The Garden Campaign (y.19934-19940), brief support for the Ekkuni Repulsion Conflict (y.19936), Defense of Menneck-B (y.19943), Evacuation of Etra (y.19952), Battle of Jennar (y.19953), Support Liaison during the Jennerit Civil War (y.19955), Battle of Codex (y.19956)
  • PRESENT STATION: Captain of the UPR ship Nova assigned to specialist engineering support on standby for incursion-level efforts by Varelsi, or factional disputes.

Chancellor Shields, this is one of our most capable and decorated soldiers. If anything, his service record understates the impact he's had on slowing Varelsi progress, and now, fighting a two-front war against Varelsi incursions and Jennerit Imperium advances.

During all of that, Captain Ghalt refused promotions past the rank of Captain, and continues to run ground-based special operations during each of these campaigns.

If I may offer a personal aside – if Trevor Ghalt is AWOL, I venture that it is not a betrayal of any UPR goals. My personal assessment is that his sources have pointed him at some unique opportunity for turning this war around, and that he is pursuing that opportunity with all resources available to him.

My recommendation, Madam Chancellor, is that we call off the hunt and capture of Captain Ghalt, and instead funnel him resources discreetly to help him succeed in his efforts.

General Keith Bryant, UPR Command

Ghalt's Call

// TO: public
// CC: children_of_lenore, rogues, VigilantOrder, EldObs, HemsworthBarony, LLCTradeCouncil
// FROM: Trevor.Ghalt@unknown

(Audio message attached, transcript below.)

This is Trevor Ghalt of the Nova, formerly of the United Peacekeeping Republics. If you're hearing this, you and I are acquainted in one form or another. Maybe we fought together. Or hell, maybe we fought against one another.

We're about to lose Penarch. That much is clear. And once Penarch is gone, we'll be down to just one star: Solus. The last star in the universe. And we'll have run out of places to run to.

So I'm sending out a call to everyone who can fight. I'm calling you to set aside your differences, your past grudges, your territorial squabbles, all that bullcrap. I'm asking that you put it all aside and face the threat that's staring us in the face.

The factions think we're screwed. They're mounting up for the long haul in the dark, and that road only goes one way. And they might be right. But me? I think there's another way forward. And that's a path we walk together.

Now listen... I know. Rendain has turned on us. The situation is bleaker than ever. We're outnumbered, outgunned, and our backs are against the wall. But I've survived way too long to die in the dark.

I'm gonna fight to save what's left. And I want YOU to fight with me.

So I'm calling to you, to ANY who will stand with me, to any who will fight to save the Last Star. Our time is now.

The First Shots of the Solus War

(Excerpt from correspondence between Captain Trevor Ghalt and UPR gunsmith Kevin Jacobs, re: a requisition order for one UPR-issue M8r Tactical Shotgun.)

Definitely want the one with the revolver action. Love the option to rapid fire it when needed, but I always want to know that there's a round coming up next.

On that note: alternate ammo? I'm thinking incendiary shells. Shot works great for putting the hurt on the small fry, but against Conservators or S1 Sentries, you want some HEAT with your hurt. Not to mention, those shields recharge like crazy if you give them a chance. Fire should help out there.

Also – I know it's not on the form, but could I get a second shotgun, same specs? Thanks.

First Round Draft Picks

|| UPR LOGBOOK / REPORT, ENTRY #223590121010
|| USER: Captain Trevor Ghalt
|| SUBJECT: Notes on the Nova Crew
|| DATE: y.19957, d.301

Penarch is lost. Most people are going to see this as a terrible, final loss. But I still see a light in this darkness. Yeah, we lost Penarch. Yes, there's only one star left, Solus. But the Penarch fight was the closest we've come to fending them off. We held those bastards for over a hundred days. When we worked together, we worked.

We have one more great opportunity. A chance to put our differences aside at Solus and work together. Penarch showed me that the current leadership structure isn't going to work, though. I need heroes. Warriors who can do more than leap into the middle of battle, who can work together despite their differences to overcome our great foes. It's time for my call to arms.

But I also need a crew. Not just any crew, but a crew from across the factions.

Mellka, for the Eldrid, is an obvious choice. We've worked together for decades, and I know she'll step up and fight for the right reasons. It helps that she has pull in the Vigilant. We're going to need them on the ground before this is all over.

I already have Kleese on board to represent the Last Light Consortium – as far as anyone CAN represent the LLC these days, anyways. He's... eccentric, but solid. As long as I keep him flush with tech, I can keep him in the fight.

I can speak to the upper ranks of the UPR, but Montana owes me a favor, and I know where his heart is. He'll join early.

As for the Rogues out around the Detritus Ring... mobilizing them will be an interesting challenge. There's only one person to do it – Reyna. She probably won't share a ship with me, but she's a survivor, and very persuasive. I'll need her help before this is all over.

That leaves the Jennerit. Need to find a loyalist to the Empire, not a brainwashed Imperium drone. I've heard that the gladiator Caldarius is mostly rogue now and is fighting on his own. He's got pull, but he appeals to a certain type... No, gotta be Deande for this one. I hope she'll overlook our last... encounter. Hard to trust a spymaster, no matter how convincing their arguments.

I wonder if she's still planning that sabotage operation on Tempest she mentioned...

Render Ghalt

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Q-hook- launch a hook the if it hits a enemy or enemy player it will pull them back to Ghalt. Useful on fleeing enemies.

E-scrap trap- place a trap that will stun enemies when they step into it but has to set up.

F ultimate - duel wield- pull out another shot gun revolver and never have to reload.



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  • Ghalt's "Last Watch" taunt is a dance and song reference to the rap artist, Silentó in “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”.

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After a large buff during Open Beta, Ghalt's shotgun was now over performing at his normal combat distance, so we have reduced it slightly.[1]

  • Reduced Ghalt's Revolver Shotgun damage by 13%.