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Geoff is an insane robot sentry mini-boss met while pursuing ISIC in the mission The Algorithm. When the Battleborn near his "lair", ISIC orders him to prevent them entry. Geoff, who thinks he's a giant spider and refers to himself as Arachnis, will stay perched on his "web" until the Battleborn trigger poisonous gas on him, which will cause him to crawl down as if descending on a silk strand and attack them. After the Battleborn engage him and reduce his health, ISIC will order him to retreat into one of the side areas to receive firmware upgrades. The Battleborn need to enter this area and trigger the poisonous gas again to flush him out and continue the fight in the main arena. Once again, after Geoff's health is reduced a certain amount, he will retreat into the other side area for his second, and final firmware upgrade and the Battleborn will need to flush him out again using the poisonous gas. After defeating Geoff, the way to ISIC's lair is open and they can proceed.


  • During The Archive mission, Chronicle may mention how his cousin Geoff got be a giant spider, while he's kidnapped and forced out of his job.
  • Geoff calls himself Arachnis, which originates from the Greek word: ἀράχνη also pronounced aráchnē, which means spider.
  • Geoff has a chance of dropping the Firm Ware Update 1.51c "watch.