Gear Type Stat Eldrid version Jennerit version LLC version UPR version Rogue


Wrench -x% Buildable Cost Tempestian Cred-Stick M.R. Skeleton Key Handyman™ Multi-Tool "Screwdriver"
Battery +x% Maximum Shield Strength Internal Capacitor Vanadium Battery Bunkermax™ Booster "Old Fashioned"
Boots +x% Movement Speed Clawshorn Sandal Exo-Greaves Double-Time Treads "Boilermakers"
Armor Vest +x% Maximum Health Eldrid Bio-Weave Cellular Condenser Haute-couture Kevlar Tuf-Stuf™ Combat Mesh
Shoulder Plate +x% Damage Reduction Ekkuni Scalemail Gilded Pauldron TurtleGard™Armor "Painkiller"
Gauntlet +x% Attack Damage Ekkuni Wristguard Endoskeletal Graft Duelist Glove "Stinger"
Syringe +x Health Regeneration per Second Regrowth Serum Artificial Vitae Nano-repair Injector Rejuvenix™ Booster
Medal +x% Skill Damage Golemic Sigil Ability Catalyst Cognitive Predictor "Bloodhound"
Blade +x% Attack Speed Aelfrin Warblade Retracting Wristblade Ostentatious Saber "Hurricane"
Magazine +x% Reload Speed Stalker Rounds Ammo Bulter Hailfire™ Mags "Sidecar"
Medkit +x% Heal Power Remedy Box Tissue Synthesizer Massage Bots MyFirst™ Med-Kit
Amulet +x% Healing Received Symbosis Rune Sustainment Siphon Nanny-Bot Transponder U.P.R. "Hurt Locket"
Eye Piece +x% Critical Hit Damage Glyph of Insight Optical Implant Dapper Monocle "Aviator"
Shard Artifact +x Bonus Shards per Second Shard Extractor Wealth Redistributor QuickCash™ Miner "East Money"
Coil -x Second Shield Recharge Delay Metabolic Failsafe Platinum-Plated Coil SureStart™ Coil "Kamikaze"
Shield Emitter +x Shield Recharge per Second Bio-thermic Converter Luxury Regulator HoldFast™ Recharger "Matador"
Helmet -x% CC Duration Aztanti Aventail Synapse Shielding U.P.R. Brain Bucket "Corpse Reviver"
Pocket Watch -x% Cooldown Time Ancient Sundail Bio-rhythmic Timer U.P.R. SpecOps Watch "Greyhound"
Bottle +x% Sprint Speed Spirit of Wind Neural Accelerant Ener-G!™ Power Drink "White Lightning"
Stock -x% Recoil Vigilant Shock Pad Shoulder Massager Shot-Lock™ Stock "Salty Dog"
Disruptor +x% Shield Penetration Phasic Disruptor Bourgeois Bypasser U.P.R. Breach Kit "Rusty Nail"

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