Legendary GearEdit

A list of all Legendary Gear and where/how to get them can be found here:

(The list can also be filtered to only show items with a desired primary stat)

Every Legendary Gear costs 1800 Shards to activate and can be sold for 250 Credits. Legendary items are special as they contain the usual primary and secondary benefits (stat boosts) but also have an additional third benefit which can give different bonuses than just stat boosts.

There are two types of legendary gear:

  • General Legendaries
  • Character Specific Legendaries.

General Legendaries can be obtained in by killing a Boss in Story Mode or by opening Loot Packs.
Both sources have their own pool of Legendaries, so you only get a specific Legendary through either source, not both. The drop rates for Legendary Gear are rather low and slightly randomized by giving each Boss and each Loot Pack not one single but a few Legendary items to be droppable, making it somewhat difficult to get a certain Legendary item. Additionally, the Story Mode pool is further split by difficulty, into a Normal and an Advanced pool, though you can still get Normal Legendary Gear when playing on Advanced difficulty, but not vice versa.

Character Specific Legendaries can only be obtained by completing all five lore challenges of the individual character. Those Legendaries contain the usual primary and secondary stat boosts for any character activating it and, as every Legendary Gear, they also have an additional third benefit. However, the third benefit of Character Specific Legendaries will only grant a bonus to a specific character, as stated in their individual gear description.


Gear items marked as legendary rarity (orange) with a lower Shard cost than 1800 can exist but those also don't have the third benefit, which would be usual for Legendary Gear, making them buggy and stated as a wrong rarity.

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