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Lore ChallengesEdit

Frenemies Participate in killing Ambra 5 times.
Sisterhood Complete 3 matches while on the same team as Ambra.
Dark Knight of the Soul Regenerate 10,000 damage with Abyssal Form.
Arbitration Block 25,000 damage with the Sentinel's Greatshield.
No Redemption Kill100 Jennerit enemies while Galilea is corrupted.



Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Galilea" challenge which rewards player with "Cataclysm" skin and "Master of Galilea" title.



::::::::::::::::::::// ENCRYPT BEGIN //::::::::::::::::::::
in the year 19326 C.R. the 199th day
:::::::::::::::::::::: URGENT ::::::::::::::::::::::

Eldrid Observer Ebrys was killed today during an incident on Codex.

Arbiter Galilea Azmozeus, returning from a failed sabotage of the Jennerit Sustainment engine, attacked and killed Ebrys during an argument. The argument began during a Vigilant Order debriefing session where Galilea was being reviewed over her twenty-year deep-cover operation among the Jennerit.

Witnesses of the killing reported strange energy signatures present around Galilea, which seemed to increase with her agitation. Scientists among the Observers present speculate the source of those energies originated from Galilea herself, manifesting as phasal anomalies.

These energies are now believed to be caused by a partial Sustainment applied to Galilea while within the Jennerit Empire, and that the partially completed process has triggered anomalous side effects.

Galilea fled immediately afterwards, injuring several more in attendance who attempted to stop her flight.

Galilea's whereabouts are currently unknown. She should be treated with utmost caution. Therefore, I am calling for the application of BLACKGUARD_PROTOCOL_6; the same engagement protocol used for encounters with Varelsi Conservators.

Here forth, the Office of the Black Observer orders that the anomaly formerly known as Galilea Azmozeus be contained or, should this prove unsustainable, eliminated.

::::::::::::::::::::// ENCRYPT END //::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::::::// TRANSMISSION END //::::::::::::::::::::



Observer Ebrys:

We have not been formally introduced. I am Galilea Azmozeus, knight of the Arbiters of Being, once of the Helician Corps. I have been a warrior of our order since the war's beginning. I have fought diligently through the Darkening of my homeworld Helicia, up to the unfortunate end of the War of Being and the disturbing and tenuous “peace” the Eldrid and Jennerit Empire now negotiate.

As you are aware, I was selected after the war by the Eldrid Vigilant Order to infiltrate Jennerit society, specifically as an acolyte Templar for the Silent Sisters – a role which has historically seen a number of my fellow Helicians partnering with the Jennerit purebloods. They have always admired (and envied, if I spoke truly) the longevity of my people.

Today, after more than fifteen years of careful groundwork, it is my honor to report that I have attained the trusted rank of Templar within the Sisterhood, and am near my goal of gaining access to the Jennerit Sustainment Engine.

Additionally, I have developed the trust and loyalty of a ranking Sister named Ambralia Divia. She is also rising quickly within the Sisterhood. I have her trust; and, to a degree, she has mine.

Within three years, I will have sufficient access to the Sustainment Engine that I may cause it irreparable damage and end the blight of unnatural life the Jennerit Sustained have brought to our universe.


Dark Knight of the Soul

This recording was recovered from an ancient Aztanti mythstone, a device used by the forgotten civilization to record spoken lore of their culture. The recording in this particular mythstone was made much more recently, within the last decade. Current Eldrid research attributes the voice to one Galilea Azmozeus, who disappeared over 500 years prior to the recovery of this mythstone. Transcription attached.

Here, I record a confession of my crimes.

I confess my failure to save my homeworld, Helicia, from the Varelsi hordes.

I confess my failure to destroy the Heliophage and the Jennerit Sustainment engine.

I confess my failure as a friend to Ambralia Divia. Fate conspired to set her against me. Fate drew her to attempt to Sustain me, an act of love and regretful devotion to our sisterhood.

I confess to the slaying of Ebrys Lomil, a friend and Red Observer of the Eldrid, in response to UNWARRANTED inquiries into my STABILITY and LOYALTY, which should NOT have been questioned.

I confess to the slaughter of seven hundred and seventy-eight Jennerit soldiers, who attempted to INVADE my home; may the endless night swallow their souls, every last one of them!

And I swear to ALL that may meet me in battle: you shall be CAST into the VOID!

(Galilea coughs and retches haggardly.)

As penance for these crimes, I carry this burden, the weight of my guilt and the darkness that it has wrought. There will be no redemption.


Among the Eldrid, the militant Arbiters of Being were the first to organize forceful opposition to the growing practice of Jennerit Sustainment. The Arbiters were personally motivated to stop the Jennerit, going so far as to prefer close-quarters combat in engaging Sustained soldiers among the Jennerit elite combat troops.

Agia Sentris – “Shield of Judgment” – Forged specifically for the Arbiters of Being and carried as a sign of office while they battled the Jennerit during the War of Being. The Agia Sentris was crafted using an Eldrid technique which allowed it to leech power directly from nearby Sustained beings. This highly versatile shield not only highly protected a skilled wielder, but could double as a camp stove or space heater for extended campaigns.

Galilea's Blade – “Shadowcry” – Uses the hilt of a standard-issue Arbiter energy weapon, but the blade appears to have been modified after its initial fabrication. Informed speculation suggests Jennerit influence in the blade's design, some going so far as to speculate that the legendary Jennerit bladesmith Verod Rath had a hand in its crafting.

No Redemption

|| UPR LOGBOOK / REPORT, ENTRY #223590723777
|| USER: Captain Trevor Ghalt
|| SUBJECT: The Wraith of Bliss
|| DATE: y.19958, d.77

Making an expedition today to the backside of the moon Bliss. Mess hall stories from UPR troops stationed on Bliss often mention sightings of a dark, elusive humanoid in the dark wastes of the moon.

Legends say that encounters with the “Wraith of Bliss” only end in two ways.

If you're Jennerit, the Wraith attacks, vicious and violent, and exterminates all Jennerit it can track, even hunting full scouting expeditions back to their landing zones, leaving bloody trails through the snow.

If you are of any other affiliation or species, the Wraith is said to turn into mist and vanish from sight.

I was ready to dismiss all of this as Rejuvenix-fueled tall tales, but Kleese found some information from a recently collected Aztanti artifact which suggests this “Wraith” is a legendary lost warrior – one of the fabled Arbiters of Being who fought the darkest parts of the Jennerit hundreds of years ago.

Typically, I would just let this remain a curious fable, like the stories of the Orbanian Tethercat, but the enemy kill count of the “Wraith” is something I can't ignore when the odds are stacked so far against us.

Wishing myself luck in my upcoming “wraith hunt”.