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"Face-Off. Defeat Varelsi and claim their masks.
"Place those masks in the central repository to earn points for your team...
The first team to reach 500 points achieves victory."

Face-Off is one of the 5 available game modes found within the versus queue. Within this mode, the main goal is to collect Varelsi masks and deposit them within a repository located at the center of the map while preventing the enemy team from doing the same. The stronger the Varelsi, the more valuable the mask.

Strategy Edit

Basic Survival Tips Edit

  • Build MX.Headhunter assassins
    • They strike down enemy players and distract them from turning in their masks
  • Watch your masks and your health as well as your enemies' masks and health
    • Target low-health enemies to kill them and steal their masks
    • Be careful: the more masks one carries, the more likely they are to be targeted
  • When low on health, teleport back to base near an ally
    • Players drop their masks when teleporting, making it easy for them to be swiped by the enemy team

Trivia Edit

  • Face-Off was implemented into the game after its release.
  • Face-Off is the only game mode that shares maps with another mode: Capture.
    • It's also the only game mode to remain unavailable within the Bots Battle queue

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