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Ekkunar is the last large green planet in the universe. The planet consists mostly of organic life but occasionally fades into dry arid areas. Large vegetation covers most of the map and desert as well as polar zones exist only in small areas. Thousands of years ago a mysterious cataclysm shattered the planet into massive geological chunks. It is unknown why they haven't floated away but it is speculated that some type of technology or arcane machinery may be at work. Possibly even the work of the universe-law-bending Varelsi.

Ekkunar was originally settled by the Aztanti whose relics can still be seen stretched across some of the remaining planets. The Aztanti are believed to be the ancestors of the Eldrid. The native Ekkuni Dwarves are believed to live in tunnels below the planet's surface. Possessing an innate mystical understanding of botany and geology, the Ekkuni Dwarves harness the rocks and dangerous local flora to craft it into wearable pieces.

Over the last 50 years Eldrid groups have returned to Ekkunar after their own worlds were overrun by the Varelsi. The Aelfrin re-settled on Ekkunar after the darkening of the homeworld Eshteni and 25 years later, the Peacekeepers also attempted to settle on Ekkunar but were driven off by the territorial Aelfrin with the help of other Eldrid.

Ekkunar Features

Ruins of the ancient Aztanti are scattered across the planet. Even to this day they are inexplicable in size and the way they have withstood the wear of time. One of the greatest features of the ruins are massive (but now inert) golemic [DG(1] guardians crafted by the Aztanti for purposes unknown. They are often half-buried or intertwined with jungle growth.

To further advance research into Varelsi phenomena, the Eldrid built the Amenine Observatory. Legendary Eldrid Observer Mossire founded the research center shortly after the Eldrid’s re-settlement of the planet as a way to look into the nature of the Varelsi, their portaling technology, and how to best defeat them.

The Codex Regrowth is a testament to the Eldrid’s determination to gain knowledge and preserve the natural order of the universe. There, the Eldrid have re-planted several seed-pods from the planet Codex in an attempt to re-grow the massive eliim trees and recover some of their lost knowledge troves. The grove of eliim trees are bio-engineered to be organic knowledge repositories capable of storing massive amounts of data, which only the Eldrid have the technology or ability to retrieve.

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