Jennerit Imperium

Credits 35,000 / Full Game Upgrade

Before Deande spearheaded the Jennerit rebellion, she was the Spymaster of the Jennerit Imperium, and one of Rendain's closest advisors. Swift, stealthy, and exceptionally lethal, Deande is one of the deadliest assassins the Imperium has ever produced.[x]

Role: Range:
Attacker Melee / Middle

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Deande is a Battleborn of the Jennerit faction.


Deande - Spymaster and Rendain's ruthless right hand according to Ghalt. She has been plotting and scheming behind Rendain's back since he snatched control of the Empire. She runs the Jennerit rebellion from the shadows and may be planning a major sabotage operation on Tempest. She has asked Ghalt to join forces with her but he doesn't trust her, due to that whole torture incident.


Before Deande spearheaded the Jennerit rebellion, she was the Spymaster of the Jennerit Imperium, and one of Rendain's closest advisors. Swift, stealthy, and exceptionally lethal, Deande is one of the deadliest assassins the Imperium has ever produced.



Introducing Ghalt/Deande

Official Website - Deande

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The Element of Surprise

The Element of Surprise

For 3 seconds after uncloaking, all of Deande’s skills and attacks deal 25% additional damage.

Skill 1



Cloaks Deande and deploys a decoy (20% health, 25% damage) to fight in her stead for 8 seconds. Upon death or expiry, the decoy explodes for 200 damage.
Default Cooldown: 28s


Tessurium War Fans

Tessurim War Fans

Deande’s primary melee combo strings a series of rapid melee strikes, while her secondary attack hurls her fans at foes for ranged damage.

Skill 2

Burst Dash

Burst Dash

Deande charges forward, dealing 200 damage. Hit enemies are weakened, lowering their attack damage by 30%.
Default Cooldown: 18s


Diplomat's Battle Garb

Diplomat’s Battle Garb

Deande’s Jennerit elite uniform, tailor-made to maximize agility, mobility, and lethality.


Blink Storm

Blink Storm

Upon activation, Deande unleashes a flurry of 10 strikes directly ahead of her, stunning up to 5 enemies and dealing 68 damage per hit.
Default Cooldown: 70s

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Double Trouble Level 1 Ground Zero
When activating Holotwin, Deande dashes in the direction in which she is currently moving. Increases Holotwin’s dash distance. +50% Dash Distance Burst Dash’s explosion erupts in an area of effect, damaging foes all around Deande.
All Safeties Off Level 2 Refined Emitters
Increases Holotwin decoy damage. +50% Damage Increases Holotwin decoy health. +30% Maximum Health
Fan Appreciation Level 3 Leechsteel
Increases thrown War Fans’ damage. +18% Damage A portion of damage dealt by all War Fan attacks is returned to Deande as health. +10% Life Steal
Calculate Risk Level 4 Drain Dash
Burst Dash draws extra power from Deande’s shield reserves, granting bonus damage. Burst Dash now breaks Deande’s shield on activation. Half of the damage dealt by Burst Dash is returned to Deande as health. +50% Life Steal
Silent Strike Level 5 Roguelike
For 3 seconds after uncloaking, Deande’s attacks slow enemies for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow Duration For 3 seconds after uncloaking, Deande’s melee strikes to an opponent’s back deal additional damage. +25% Damage
Burst Brawler Level 6 Escape Plan
Increases Burst Dash damage. +15% Damage Activating Holotwin increases Deande’s movement speed for a brief time. +30% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds
Fan O' War Level 7 The Culling
Increases War Fans’ melee damage. +18% Damage Increases Deande’s damage against weakened opponents. +23% Damage
Deadly Reach Level 8 Energized
Increases Burst Dash’s damage distance. +40% Damage Distance Reduces Burst Dash’s cooldown timer. -25% Cooldown Time
Improved Holographics Level 9 Lingering Light
Reduces Holotwin’s cooldown timer, allowing more frequent use. -25% Cooldown Time Increases the lifetime of Deande’s Holotwin decoy. +7 Seconds Maximum Lifetime
Doppelgangup Level 10 Gathering Storm
Upon activation of Blink Storm, Deande spawns a Holotwin decoy. Killing a minor enemy with Blink Storm refunds 5 seconds of the skill’s cooldown. Killing a major enemy refunds 10 seconds of the cooldown. Up to -10 Seconds Cooldown Time

Advanced Helix:

  • Additional Helix options that can be unlocked by leveling the respective character rank.
  • A third option added to a pre-defined Helix choice.
  • Maximum of 1 additional helix choice for each character Helix level
  • They first show up ingame after they are unlocked for the individual character.
  • 5 additional helix choices per character
  • Ingame selection via:
    • F (PC)
    • Y (Xbox Controller)
    • Triangle (PS4)
Character Rank 12 Level 1 Wonder Twins
Requires character rank 12 to unlock = 1455 total XP A portion of damage dealt by Deande's Holotwin clone is returned to her as health. +25% Life Steal
Character Rank 5 Level 3 Uppercut
Requires character rank 7 to unlock = 470? total XP Adds an uppercut to the end of Deande's primary melee combo that knocks enemies into the air.
Character Rank 9 Level 5 Beast of Momentum
Requires character rank 9 to unlock = 775 total XP Killing an enemy increases Deande's movement speed for a brief time. +10% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds
Character Rank 7 Level 6 Ire's Echo
Requires character rank 5 to unlock = 250 total XP

Increases the damage dealt by an exploding Holotwin clone. Enemies caught in the blast are slowed. +15% Damage, +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Character Rank 3 Level 9 Deft Hands
Requires character rank 3 to unlock = 105 total XP A portion of damage dealt by Burst Dash penetrates enemy shield. +50% Shield Penetration

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Lore ChallengesEdit

One Step Ahead Stealth with less than 20% health, 30 times.
Cloak and Dagger Kill 100 enemies with The Element of Surprise.
War is Hardly Civil Deal 10,000 damage to Rendain.
Fan of the Empire Deal 60,000 damage with Blink Storm.
The Seeds of Secret Orders Complete 3 matches while on the same team as Ambra.



Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Deande" challenge which rewards player with "Dark Ops" skin and "Master of Deande" title.


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One Step Ahead

TO: Underwarsecretary Boolicsyco
FROM: (input username here)

Fred. I hope that I do not need to remind you of the importance of tracking EVERY detail during a time of conflict. Namely, these "coincidences" I'm now hearing about from Constable's caregiver, of all sources.

Coincidences such as, "where was the Spymaster during the yearly Assets meeting, over which she presides", or, "why is the Spymaster unavailable for our regularly scheduled game of handball before every rebel-led attack on Imperium stockpiles"?

I would consider it a personal favor and a contributing factor to your continued existence if you would be so kind as to look into these "coincidences".

Lord Commander Lothar Rendain

// ENCRYPT_LVL:BioG.v.H33 //

// Personal Note, FAN_OF_THE_EMPIRE //

Do NOT forget the Asset Meeting next year; request Ocobanian caviar sent to any frustrated attendees from this year's meeting. Also, rework handball schedule with the Tyrant.


Cloak and Dagger

y.19957, d.200
"Renegades and Rebellions"

Each day now brings further evidence of the corrosion of our once beautiful and mighty empire. I know you, Empress, are not surprised by any of these events which have transpired. When we last spoke nearly two years ago, when I was able to briefly cross the Veil and return to tell the tale, you predicted the consequences of Rendain's agreement with the Varelsi and the turmoil that would follow with an accuracy that shouldn't surprise me.

The dissolution of the Pact of the Dying.

The Thrall Rebellions.

The Jennerit Civil War.

The fall of Codex.

All steps leading us onward into the growing dark.

With this course of events now seemingly inevitable, I now move to further gain the Tyrant's trust as I simultaneously labor to undo his web of power. In a few days, if my work is successful, the Thralls will enter the open rebellion a second time, this time motivated by the escape of the soldier Caldarius from his hundred-year imprisonment.

For posterity, I record that the trust Rendain has bestowed upon me recently is directly related to his need for counsel during the "Caldarius Affair", in which the champion-soldier publicly demanded (and was eventually granted) Sustainment. Rendain underestimates the emotions of the Jennerit populace, and the amount of pride the Empire derives from its warriors. Long have the Jennerit recognized that true legends are born in battle.

Throughout this controversy, my counsel to him has allowed me to step further into his confidence - though I would be foolish to underestimate Rendain by believing him unaware of my involvement in these matters. Still, he has no direct proof and would find it politically unadvantageous to accuse me openly.

Such a narrow wire I walk.

I pray, my Empress, that our plans and my covert rebellion will be enough to bring down the Tyrant's influence from within.


War is Hardly Civil

TO: The Jennerit Imperium and The Loyal Empire
FROM: New Jennerit Empire Interim Chief Counselor Deande
DATE: y.19958, d.350

(Audio message attached. Transcription below.)

Personnel log, encryption protocol Deande Alpha-TR43... Although, I guess it's hardly necessary. Y'know, to hell with encryption. Let's live dangerously.

History records the first utterance of the Precept shortly after the rise of the Jennerit Imperium's current incarnation - one that valued the continued survival of the species above all else. Some scholars argue that, after the adoption of the Precept as something of an official credo of the state, the Imperium began to lose its way, culminating with Lothar Rendain's rise to power.

I'm pleased to report that with today's victory, we've corrected this error in judgement on the part of our ancestors. And as the smoke clears and we Jennerit closely examine our destiny, I believe it's time we shed the Precept once and for all.

We are taught these words from birth: by any deed, at any price. But those of us who have survived the Solus War know that there are some costs that cannot be paid; some debts that will follow us for the rest of our freakishly long lives. Now, our task is to find new words to guide that destiny, alongside our new allies.

I'd suggest "live together, die alone", but I'm open to alternatives.

Rendain is gone - but so is our beloved Empress Lenore. And though we find ourselves rudderless in this new age, one thing remains clear: the path ahead is one we must walk together, as stewards of the Last Star. Sentinels of the dark.

Children of the Precept - our battle is not yet over. And if we're really fortunate, it will never truly end.

Fan of the Empire

Customized Jennerit tessurim war-fan commonly carried by members of the Silent Sisters or members of the Sustained elite. Deande's tessurim were hand-made to her exact specifications.

Those specifications also included the following poem:

One blade for Precept.
One blade for Memory.
One blade for Truth.
One blade for Shadow.
One blade for War.
One blade for Rendain.

The Seeds of Secret Orders

the 18,802nd year and 23rd of her Immortal Reign
Regarding: Novitiate Sister #NAME_REDACTED#, "Deande"

One has come to our attention, a daughter of the Jennerit Empire who shows remarkable aptitude for her age. She wears the name #NAME_REDACTED#.

She is both born of our throneworld, and is of the highest bloodline, her parentage being the #RECORDS_REDACTED#.

Beyond the qualitifications of her blood and breeding, #NAME_REDACTED# has put herself forward for service in the Silent Sisters at an unusually young age. We will see her into the order, under the care of Matron Divia, and will see Matron Divia informed of Our personal intentions.

It is also the wish of Our royal person that #NAME_REDACTED# be prepared for Sustainment, with due care given to confirm her loyalty to Ourself and to the Jennerit Empire. We have no reason to doubt that #NAME_REDACTED# will prove to be a most capable candidate.

Henceforth, #NAME_REDACTED# shall be known as "Deande".

Spymistress Jovani - we believe Deande to be the first candidate we have seen capable and worthy of trust to train as your successor should our suspicious of Warmaster Lothar Rendain prove as we predict. When you believe the time is at hand, entrust Deande with all we know and suspect, and set her on the course to safeguard the lives of the Empire.

Any Deed. Any Price.
Her Imperial Majesty Empress Lenore

Render Deande

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  • Added a short cooldown to Deande's Drop Kick to fix unintended vertical maneuverability.