Battleborn Command Window Characters

The Command window can be accessed via the player's main screen. This is where players will go to access information regarding their Battleborn heroes, Gear, their Career information and the Marketplace.


For a list of all Battleborn heroes, see: Heroes.
From this screen, players will be able to directly access information about each of their hero's Character Rank, abilities, the Helix, change their hero's Appearance (skins and taunts), learn more about the hero's background story (Lore) and review the accomplishments the player has completed specifically with that hero.


For all information about Gear, see: Gear.
The Gear tab holds the Gear Bank and the Gear Loadouts. Player initially start with no extra gear and two available loadouts. Gear can be earned by completing missions and by purchasing Loot Packs with earned points. The packs come in several different quality levels and require a specific rank before they become available.


The Career tab shows the player's Command Rank in addition to Stats, Challenges and Titles. In the Stat option, player stats are shown for each mission at each difficulty level. It will also show that player's 'favorite' hero's by displaying how many missions were completed with each one played. The Command Rank is also shown along with a complete breakdown of accomplishments.

By completing Challenges in missions, players will be able to unlock rewards. Progress is shown in this option.

Titles are earned in a multitude of ways including but certainly not limited to ranking heroes, playing specific factions, and by killing enemies.


The Marketplace is where players purchase Loot Packs, additional Loadout slots and Bank slots, characters released after the game's launch and premium skins and taunts for characters. Other items may be added at a later date. Here players can also purchase Platinum currency, which can be used there to purchase exclusive Taunts and Skins or to buy additional bank space or loadouts.