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Boldur is a Battleborn of the Eldrid faction.


Boldur the Unbearable is a gruff, axe-wielding native of Ekkunar who has survived the last two millennia through sheer stubbornness. Tough as a gnarled root, the Ekkuni dwarf carries only a rune-forged axe and shield into battle against any foe who dares land their dropship in his front yard.[1]




  • Todd Haberkorn, Boldur's voice actor, is known to portray the voices of Moorin and other additional characters from the Borderlands series, and also Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail.
  • It is stated that Boldur survives off of sheer stubbornness, and in the story mission, "The Experiment", it is sometimes said by Mellka that he survived in the vaccum of space for 6 hours. The other Battleborn react in amazement and confusion.
  • Boldur was originally going to have a mount, a bear to be precise, but due to complications with quadrupeds during that time in development, it had to be reworked.



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