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Killing enemies causes Boldur to melee 20% faster and take 25% less damage for 6 seconds.
Rage   Skill 1

Dashes forward, dealing 141 damage, knocking back enemies, and activating Rage.
Rune Power: Deals 25% extra damage, as well as 156 damage over 4 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 15s
Runic Axe

Boldur deals slow, powerful melee strikes with his Runic Axe. When unarmed, Boldur falls back on hand-to-hand combat with 30% enhanced movement.
Runic Axe Skill 2
Axe Toss

Boldur throws his axe, dealing 208 damage. Retrieving the axe reduces its cooldown by -20%.
Rune Power: Axe explodes on impact, dealing up to 312 damage.
Default Cooldown: 15s
Axe Toss
Ekkuni Greatshield

Boldur is an elite defender, utilizing his Ekkuni Greatshield to block up to 1000 incoming damage and rapid health regeneration to stay in the fight.
Ekkuni Greatshield Ultimate
Runes of Power

Increases melee damage by +18% and converts 25% of damage blocked into health. Using Axe Toss or Boldurdash will consume the corresponding Rune.
Default Cooldown: 50s
Runes of Power