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Boldur the Unbearable is a gruff, axe-wielding native of Ekkunar who has survived the last two millennia through sheer stubbornness. Tough as a gnarled root, the Ekkuni dwarf carries only a rune-forged axe and shield into battle against any foe who dares land their dropship in his front yard.[x]

Role: Range:
Defender Melee

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Boldur is a Battleborn of the Eldrid faction.


Boldur the Unbearable is a gruff, axe-wielding native of Ekkunar who has survived the last two millennia through sheer stubbornness. Tough as a gnarled root, the Ekkuni dwarf carries only a rune-forged axe and shield into battle against any foe who dares land their dropship in his front yard.[1]




  • Todd Haberkorn, Boldur's voice actor, is known to portray the voices of Moorin and other additional characters from the Borderlands series, and also Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail.
  • It is stated that Boldur survives off of sheer stubbornness, and in the story mission, "The Experiment", it is sometimes said by Mellka that he survived in the vaccum of space for 6 hours. The other Battleborn react in amazement and confusion.
  • Boldur was originally going to have a mount, a bear to be precise, but due to complications with quadrupeds during that time in development, it had to be reworked.
    • The model was later reworked and reused, becoming the Demon Bear.



  1. Boldur - Battleborn

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's Level 1 stats:

Max Health: 1715 Health Regeneration: 7
Max Shield: 0 Shield Recharge Delay: 5 s Shield Recharge Rate: 60
Primary Attack: 95 Secondary Attack: -



Killing enemies causes Boldur to melee 20% faster and take 25% less damage for 6 seconds.
Rage   Skill 1

Dashes forward, dealing 141 damage, knocking back enemies, and activating Rage.
Rune Power: Deals 25% extra damage, as well as 156 damage over 4 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 15s
Runic Axe

Boldur deals slow, powerful melee strikes with his Runic Axe. When unarmed, Boldur falls back on hand-to-hand combat with 30% enhanced movement.
Runic Axe Skill 2
Axe Toss

Boldur throws his axe, dealing 208 damage. Retrieving the axe reduces its cooldown by -20%.
Rune Power: Axe explodes on impact, dealing up to 312 damage.
Default Cooldown: 15s
Axe Toss
Ekkuni Greatshield

Boldur is an elite defender, utilizing his Ekkuni Greatshield to block up to 1000 incoming damage and rapid health regeneration to stay in the fight.
Ekkuni Greatshield Ultimate
Runes of Power

Increases melee damage by +18% and converts 25% of damage blocked into health. Using Axe Toss or Boldurdash will consume the corresponding Rune.
Default Cooldown: 50s
Runes of Power

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Helix Edit

1 Axe Ricochet Crash Helmet
If Axe Toss hits enemies or objects in the world, it is immediately returned to Boldur's hand. Using Boldurdash generates an Overshield on Boldur for a brief period. +225 Overshield for 8 seconds.
2 Long-Distance Dash Pinballer Gather No Moss
Increases Boldurdash's dash distance. After striking a target with Boldurdash, Boldur bounces backwards. Boldur continues to dash forward after hitting an enemy with Boldurdash, allowing him to hit multiple enemies. Enemies are now knocked into the air instead of knocked back.
3 Stunning Blows Deft Defender
When Boldur is unarmed, his primary melee attacks slow enemies. +3 Seconds Slow Duration. Boldur is more proficient with his Greatshield, capable of blocking more damage and running at full speed while guarding. +100% Damage Blocking.
4 Hatchet Man Headsplitter
Enemies hit with Axe Toss suffer bleed damage. +240 Damage over 4 seconds. Enemies hit with Axe Toss are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration.
5 Angry Agility Desperate Rage Berserker Rage
When Rage is active, Boldur's movement speed is increased. +30% Movement Speed. Increases Boldur's passive damage reduction while Rage is active. +15% Damage Reduction. Increases the duration of Boldur's Rage. +25% Duration.
6 Axeterminator Salt The Wound Boldurcrash
Increases Axe Toss damage. +15% Damage. Enemies hit by Axe Toss suffer increased damage for a short time. +15% Damage Amplification for 4 seconds Increases Boldurdash damage. +15% Damage.
7 Wildblood Dwarven Constitution
Increases the damage of all of Boldur's melee attacks. +18% Damage. Increases Boldur's health regeneration rate. In addition, further increases Boldur's health regen when he hits an enemy with his melee attacks. Up to +21 Health Regeneration per Second.
8 Aegis of Anger Knockout Punch Impatience
Increases the effect of Rune of Power on Boldurdash. +20% Rune Power Effect As Boldur's health drops, his unarmed melee attacks deal increased damage. +18% Damage. Reduces Boldurdash cooldown time. -20% Cooldown.
9 Death and Axes Trusty Toss
Killing an enemy with Axe Toss increases Boldur's max health. Major Enemies apply this effect twice. This effect can stack up to 5 times. All stacks are lost on death. +144 Maximum Health per Stack. Retrieving Boldur's Runic Axe reduces Axe Toss's cooldown. -20% Cooldown Time on Axe Retrieval.
10 Axe Mastery Runic Replenishment Shield Mastery
While a Rune of Power is active on Boldur's Runic Axe, it will deal increased melee damage based upon his current health. +2% Damage for every 250 health. Activating Runes of Power while a Rune is still active instantly replenishes Boldur's health. Either Rune will restore 50% health, while both will restore 100%. While a Rune of Power is active on Boldur's Greatshield, he converts more damage blocked into health. +50% Healing.

Advanced Helix:Edit

  • Additional Helix options that can be unlocked by levelling the respective character rank.
  • A third option added to a pre-defined Helix choice.
  • Maximum of 1 additional helix choice for each character Helix level
  • They first show up ingame after they are unlocked for the individual character.
  • 5 additional helix choices per character
  • Ingame selection via:
    • F (PC)
    • Y (Xbox Controller)
    • Triangle (PS4)
Character Rank 3 Level 2 Pinballer
Requires character rank 3 to unlock = 105 total XP. After striking a target with Bolderdash, Boldur bounces backwards.
Character Rank 5 Level 8 Knockout Punch
Requires character rank 5 to unlock = 250 total XP. As Boldur's health drops, his unarmed melee attacks deal increased damage. +18% Damage
Character Rank 7 Level 5 Desperate Rage
Requires character rank 7 to unlock = 470 total XP. Increases Boldur's passive damage reduction while Rage is active. +15% Damage Reduction
Character Rank 9 Level 6 Salt The Wound
Requires character rank 9 to unlock = 775 total XP. Enemies hit by Axe Toss suffer increased damage for a short time. +15% Damage Amplification for 4 seconds
Character Rank 12 Level 10 Runic Replenishment
Requires character rank 12 to unlock = 1455 total XP. Activating Runes of Power while a Rune is still active instantly replenishes Boldur's health. Either Rune will restore 50% health, while both will restore 100%.

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Lore ChallengesEdit

Defender of Ekkunar Absorb 50,000 damage with the Ekkuni Greatshield.
Woodsworn Complete a match on a team composed of all Eldrid teammates.
The Unbearable While enraged, kill 100 enemies.
The Dwarf’s Favourite Axiom Deal 25,000 explosive damage with Axe Toss while energized by Runes of Power.
The Runes That Best Reflect My Mood Self-heal 10,000 damage with the Ekkuni Greatshield while energized by Runes of Power.



Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Boldur" challenge which rewards player with "Granite" skin and "Master of Boldur" title.


Defender of Ekkunar

Excerpt from the Sixty-Seventh Archive of the Green Observer

...When recounting the origins of Battleborn, the relationship of Boldur and Teshka Elessamorn (known as "Thorn") is one to remember.

Little is known about the distant past of the reclusive Boldur, native of Ekkunar. It is strongly suspected that he and the Ekkuni dwarves are part of some larger network of subterranean natives who maintain the massive Aztanti engine that holds the broken planet together. Whatever his past, all that can be verified is that Boldur emerged on the surface of Ekkunar several hundered of years ago and began work on organizing the Woodsworn - a militia capable of repulsing small and early Varelsi scouting forays on the planet.

Thorn and her parents migrated to Ekkunar after their homeworld Eshteni was darkened. They settled in a refugee village not far from where Boldur made his home.

As the story is told, the young Thorn would journey deep into the Ekkuni forests. Even as a child, her Aelfrin agility was evident and it wasn't long before she roamed the forest in quiet ease. She spent more than a year watching Boldur from a distance before making contact, and that first contact came in the form of stealing from plants he grew in his garden.

One such stolen plant, mimikaris vine, pierced her skin, inflicting Thorn with a sickening poison. Boldur found her hours later and asked her where she received her injury. Thorn insisted that she had been bitten by native insects, even while Boldur pulled a single red thorn from her hand.

In the weeks that Boldur treated Thorn, a relationship budded, and the dwarf adopted Thorn. She gained a grandfather of sorts, and he gained a new incentive to leave his solitude and once again invest in the well-being of others.

Were it not for the mimikaris vine, Thorn's stubbornness, or Boldur's care, we would not have two of the more influential warriors in the War of the Last Star.

To this day, Thorn insists she was bitten by an insect that nests in Boldur's beard.

To this day, Boldur keeps the mimikaris thorn braided in his beard, and close to his heart...


from The Red Observer on 19511 C.R. the 204th day
to The Distinguished Elder Mossire
Concerning "The Ekkuni Woodsworn"

Elder Mossire -

As requested, I have evaluated the Woodsworn militia for candidacy as defenders of your Observatory. Most of them are primitive folk, wielding weapons found among the barrow-ruins of the Aztanti, little more than clubs and spears.

However, their leader, Boldur, is far more than he seems. A capable war-leader and artificer, Boldur has forged weapons for himself, and indeed, has forged the motley Woodsworn into a force far beyond their natural potential.

Whille the Woodsworn are likely only capable of local defense small Varelsi or factional raiding parties, Boldur himself is a maelstrom of fury. Boldur regularly separates from the Woodsworn, taking on entire invading battalions on his own.

While singing.

Usually about bears.

I would strongly consider that you develop a relationship with the diminuitive Ekkuni native, and enlist him as a defender for the coming troubles.

Lastly - do not ask him about vidanium root. Trust me.

The Red Observer
The Unbearable
(Audio recorded by the ship Magnus Nova, after Boldur had been heavily sedated to treat an injured "right cheek" following a Battleborn extraction mission on Bliss.)

Boldur: Nova! Where is everyone? Boldur is LONELY!

Nova: Sleeping. Because that's a thing they need. How are you, Boldur?


Nova: Lovely. Well, I've got a lot of processing and, y'know, AI stuff to do, so...

Boldur: Nova... Boldur... will now tell you about life... in the woods.

Nova: Okay.

Boldur: NOW THEN. Among the critters of these vast and wicked worlds, there is none more suited for both FRIENDSHIP and COMBAT than the cedar bears in Ralpopym!

Nova: Okay.

Boldur: Huge and warm, and LOVERS of MAYHEM! Aye... for a woodsfarin' dwarf looking for a battle companion, there is no finer... NO FINER COMRADE! No friend more loyal! No companion more wise! No warrior more fierce than the GREAT CEDAR BEARS!

Nova: Okay.

Boldur: Aye, Nova! Boldur 'n' his bear were UNSTOPPABLE! A true force of nature, eh? Me with my axe, and my armor, and my shield... the bear with his, eh... his, eh, CLAWS, and uh, y'know, the smell - CRITICAL for combat, Nova! Those days, back when my bear was more than just a sigull on my shield.

Nova: It's pronounced "sigil".

Boldur: MARK MY WORDS, COMPUTER LADY! MARK THEM! Bring back me bear any day, and I'll teach you how to RIDE it! Have you ever wanted to ride a BEAR, Nova?

Boldur: It's miraculous. Nothing like it! NOTHING ON ANY WORLD!

(Boldur guffaws, like a drunk person.)

Boldur: Wait, what was Boldur saying?

Nova: Bears.

Boldur: Ahh, BEARS!

The Dwarf’s Favourite Axiom

"Boldur's Unbearable Axe"
from THE RED OBSERVER on 19525 C.R. the 177th day
to The Distinguished Elder Mossire

Boldur's Runed Axe is a topic of much speculation among the Eldrid. It is generally recognized that Boldur forged it himself, likely deep within the surface caves suspected to house the remaining population of Ekkuni dwarves.

The axe appears to be imbued with some sort of runic power, quite possibly some lost secret from among the Aztanti who colonized Ekkunar after their departure from the moon now known as Bliss. Whatever its source, Boldur is able to use the axe to draw forth energy from the planet Ekkunar itself and ply it in battle to great (and occasionally explosive) benefit. The dwarf is, shall I say, literally as tough as the earth on which he stands.

One final note about the axe: it has the sigil of a bear engraved on its head. While Boldur will answer no questions about the bear, it is obvious from the emotion in his response that the symbol is quite meaningful to him.

The Runes That Best Reflect My Mood

"Boldur's Runic Shield"
from THE RED OBSERVER on 19526 C.R. the 175th day
to The Distinguished Elder Mossire

Elder Mossire -

Nearly a full Codex Reckoning year to the day following my previous report on the axe of the Ekkuni dwarf Boldur the Woodsworn, I have investigated reports that the faithful defender of the broken world now bears a notable shield as well.

Boldur's one-of-a-kind shield, like his axe, has also been inscribed with Aztanti runes, allowing the shield to reflect all but the most potent attacks from modern armaments. As with many of our finds regarding Aztanti relics, the shield represents secrets of power-forging lost to us over the millennia.

Thanks to our investigations into old Aztanti ruins, I have also determined the shield was crafted from the codpiece of an Ekkuni golemic guardian. It is unknown how Boldur acquired the codpiece from the guardian, but it is imagined to have been... difficult. Boldur would only break into hysterical laughter when asked to recount the tale.

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Render Boldur

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Health: 1940

shield: 0




PvP BuildsEdit


Rank 1: Overboulderdash

Rank 2: Aegis of Anger

Rank 3: Deft Defense

Rank 4: Headsplitter

Rank 5: Berserker Rage

Rank 6: Salt The Wound/Deadlier Dash

Rank 7: Natural Enhancement

Rank 8: Impatience

Rank 9: Axe Toss Cooldown

Rank 10: Shield Mastery/Runic Replenishment


You are a tank supporter. Boldur isn't about offense, try to keep him enraged with your bolderdash. Having the reduced damage, high attack and speed helps a lot. Use Salt The Wound if you can to help your team, bolderdash helps to escape not attack. Use Runic Replenishment to heal and become more of a tank or use Shield mastery to have an unbreakable shield.

PvE BuildsEdit

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Taunts and Skins do not changes gameplay in any form and are strictly cosmetic.

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Story OperationsEdit




  • Super Slayin’ skin is a reference to the Super Saiyan transformation from the cult anime and manga series Dragon Ball.
  • Many of Boldur's skins are named after gemstones and minerals.

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  • Fixed an issue with the description of Boldur's Legendary gear.