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Lore ChallengesEdit

Rocket Jump Professional Glide for one hour (3,600 seconds).
Help for a Grounded Recruit? Kill 10 Battleborn while in the air.
The Tour Complete 3 matches on a team with at least two other Peacekeepers.
So Many Rockets Fire 300 rockets in a single match, 5 times.
The Bird's Last Word Get 100 kills with Boomsday.



Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Benedict" challenge which rewards player with "Blackhawk " skin and "Master of Benedict" title.


Rocket Jump Professional

|| PATIENT: A. Benedict, Aviant (Buteonen)
|| SUBJECT: Discharge consult, UPR induction
|| DATE: y.19944, d.61

Dr. Capt. McMurphy: Alright, son. Bionic graft on your custom wing harness checks out. I pronounce you clear for light.

Benedict: Aw, man, doc, THANK YOU! I’ve been a bit... cooped up... in this hospital.

Dr. Capt. McMurphy: Oh, no doubt.

(There is a noticeable silence.)

Dr. Capt. McMurphy: Oh. Right. “Cooped up”. Ha ha. I get it. “Cooped”.

Benedict: Yeah, it really, y’know. Ruffles my feathers.

Dr. Capt. McMurphy: That’s... not even a pun, it’s just—

Benedict: So, I can fly now?

Dr. Capt. McMurphy: Yes, son. All clear from me.

Benedict: YAHOO! Grab me a launcher!

Dr. Capt. McMurphy: What?

Benedict: A launcher! And maybe some reinforced boots. There is NO better way to get airborn than HIGH EXPLOSIVES!

Dr. Capt. McMurphy: Wait. That’s not even remotely safe.

Benedict: Doc. Y’see how many stars are left? I ain’t got TIME for safe. Get me a launcher and get me AIRBONE!

Dr. Capt. McMurphy: Uh, okay. Well, to get a launcher... er... you need to be officially inducted into the United Peacekeeping Republics Military, and—

Benedict: I induct. I swear. Insert oath here. Let’s GO already!

Dr. Capt. McMurphy: I believe Sergeant Montana is on duty at the armament stash, and you can... Oh dear. He’s already flying off. YOU SHOULDN’T FLY OVER TEN METERS HIGH FOR THIRTY MINUTES AFTER EATING!

Help for a Grounded Recruit?

|| TO: Captain Trevor Ghalt
|| FROM: Lt. Fahd Muhsin, UPR-Agdannon
|| SUBJECT: Help for a grounded recruit?
|| DATE: y.19943, d.237

Hey Trev,

There’s a pun in that subject line. When it hits you, you’re gonna be pissed as hell at me. Anyway, howdy, Captain. Got a special request for you.

We just picked up a fresh batch of recruits, plucked (that’s another pun, wait for it) from the refugees we picked up in the Menneck-B evacuation. Y’know, the bird people. See what I was doing up there? Yeah, you do.

I’m sure you’ve heard about ’em – there’s loads of talent coming out of that haul. But one of them stands above the rest: a mouthy bastard by the name of Benedict. I saw him with my own eyes, just minutes after the Wiseman went down over Sau Nona, right when all hell broke loose. He was fending off Varelsi single-handedly, covering the escape of four evacuation transports. They all made it away safe, and I’m here to tell you, Ghalt: that bird is a damned artist with a rocket launcher. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Those are the plusses. Here’s the one minus: he’s an ornery bastard. He’ll annoy you to no end. The sound of his voice will make you want to snuff out the stars yourself, just to make it all stop. I feel this every moment I’m with him. But if the UPR’s gonna win this fight, we need the best and brightest – and that’s Benedict.

Trouble is, he didn’t make it out of Menneck in one piece. And that wounded wing of his has him permanently grounded. We don’t have exosuits at the ready fit for Aviants – we need something custom to get Benedict back in the skies. I figured you might have some ideas.

He’s something else, Trev. He’s an asshat, but he’s something else.

:: Lt. Muhsin ::

The Tour

|| SUBJECT: A. Benedict, Welcome Tour Transcript
|| DATE: y.19944, d.63

Montana: And over here’s the mess hall. Lots of good grub over there... HAH! Grub! You see what I did there? Y’know? Because you’re a bird?

Benedict: Well, I’m in some kinda hell. How much longer does this tour of yours go on for, anyhow?

Montana: I saved the best for last. Welcome to the armory.

(Benedict gasps.)

Montana: Figured you could use a pick-me-up. You’ve had a tough couple of weeks, losin’ your planet and all...

Benedict: SCREW THAT PLACE, YOU GUYS GOT THE GOOD STUFF! Aw hell, is that a KX-13? With an AUTO-LOADER?! Man, I don’t even give the SLIGHTEST CRAP about my planet!

Montana: That wasn’t exactly the idea, but hey, I’m glad you like it.

Benedict: I was MEANT to be here! FATE brought me to this PILE OF BADASS! THANK YOU, VARELSI!

Montana: Well, uh... you enjoy yourself.

So Many Rockets
(Excerpt from comments left by Benedict for the technician working on the "Boomsday" Camera-Guided Missile)

Comment #35: Bigger!

Comment #36: BIGGER! The last one didn’t leave any sort of respectable crater.

Comment: #37: Okay. That one was too big. Not that I mind craters, but maybe, just maybe, it shouldn’t dust a planetoid.

Comment #38: Kick my ass and cover me in gravy. Did someone paint this bomb to look like me?! THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EXPLOSIVES LINE IN THE UNIVERSE. Now we’re putting the BENEDICT in BENEDICTION!

Comment #41: Okay. The last comment about other things you put in Benedict. That was UNCALLED for.

The Bird's Last Word
(A letter, left in the UPR-sponsored “Refugee Finder” channel on the Open Network, dated y.19952, d.102.)

Dearest Circinae,

It’s been nine years since I lost you in the Darkening of Madan. Those days, I thought our people were ready for anything, Varelsi or otherwise.

I know better now.

Menneck wasn’t the first system to be Darkened. Nor was Madan the first planet. It was the first fight I lost, though. Hasn’t been the last. Big battles, too. Jennar, Codex, Etra. You wouldn’t believe how big. Aviants fighting alongside Jennerit, and even Lorrians. Weird.

It’s taken me a while to move on. Well. A few weeks and a new rocket launcher.

Still, I miss you, nestmate. I miss our brood, too. Peck, Auggie, Wisp, Sarret, and Amandi.

Every time I look to the dark sky, and see the handful of stars left, I hope you are on one of them. Somewhere.

Contact me if you find this letter. The UPR know how to find me.

Mostly, they just play connect-the-craters.

:: August Benedict ::