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Benedict's basic Helix options are grouped in two lines – Hawk 'n Awe and Bird of Prey.

Additional Helix options can be unlocked by leveling up Character Rank and show up in-game after they are unlocked.

Lvl Hawk 'n Awe Mutation Bird of Prey Lvl
1 Evasive Pattern Benedict Rejiggered Ordinance
Character Rank 5
Presistent Projectiles 1
Liftoff now launches up and backwards. Hawkeye rockets deal increased damage to shields.
+50% Bonus Damage to Shield
Hawkeye’s target effect lasts longer.
+1 Second Homing Duration
2 Make Some Room Wind Chill 2
On activation, Liftoff pushes nearby enemies away. On activation, Liftoff slows nearby enemies.
+1 Second Slow
3 Ready Rockets Speed Delivery 3
Increases Rocket Launcher’s reload speed.
+30% Reload Speed
Increases rocket propulsion speed.
+25% Rocket Speed
4 Rapid Reload A Murder Of Rockets 4
Activating Hawkeye instantly reloads Benedict’s Rocket Launcher. Hawkeye now launches three rockets in rapid succession.
+2 Rockets
5 Glide-iator Divebomb
Character Rank 7
Tailwind 5
Grants a second air jump. While gliding, press the off-hand melee button to divebomb enemies, dealing damage and pushing them back. This can be used every 8 seconds. Increases Benedict’s in-air gliding speed.
+25% Flight Speed
6 BLASTOFF Heavy Bombardment 6
On activation, Liftoff damages nearby enemies.
+133 Damage
Homing Rockets deal increased damage to enemies.
+20% Damage
7 Danger Zone Multiloader
Character Rank 9
Surgical Strike 7
Increases Rocket Launcher’s blast radius.
+45% Area of Effect Radius
Allows the Rocket Launcher to charge and fire multiple rockets simultaneously. Hold the attack to charge Rocket Launcher. Increases Rocket Launcher’s damage while reducing its area of effect.
+18% Damage, -20% Area of Effect Radius
8 Frequent Flyer First Class 8
Reduces Liftoff’s cooldown, allowing more frequent use.
-25% Cooldown Time
Shields begin to recharge immediately after activating Liftoff.
9 Less Talk, More Hawk Eyes On You
Character Rank 3
Party Starter 9
Reduces Hawkeye’s cooldown.
-25% Cooldown Time
Increase Hawkeye’s blast radius.
+50% Area of Effect Radius
Increases Hawkeye’s rocket damage.
+15% Damage
10 Hawkpocalypse Phoenix Protocol
Character Rank 12
Rockets Launchin' Rockets 10
Increases Boomsday’s explosion radius.
+100% Area of Effect Radius
Boomsday scorches the earth at its detonation site, dealing damage over time to nearby enemies.
+480 Damage over 8 Seconds.
While Boomsday’s guided missile is in flight, reactivating the skill fires smaller rockets.
Lvl Hawk 'n Awe Mutation Bird of Prey Lvl