Lore ChallengesEdit

Let Slip the Dogs Affect 5 or more enemies with a single use of Outbreak 10 times.
Chimera Oscura Apply Patient Zero to 50 allies.
Indifference Aside Kill 100 enemies with Fulminate
Nichts ist Ohne Gift Deal 50,000 damage with the Incistyx Injector in a single match 10 times.
Shining Crazy Diamond Apply Infection to 100 Battleborn


Harresburra Adrenal Serum

Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Beatrix" challenge which rewards player with "Contusion Profusion" skin and "Master of Beatrix" title.


Let Slip the Dogs
Chimera Oscura
Indifference Aside
Nichts ist Ohne Gift
Shining Crazy Diamond

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